5 Benefits of Live Chat Support

James Purcell/ September 7, 2016

Instantaneous Customer Service Live chat plays an important role in offering a 360-degree customer care service. It is very easy to install on your website and is user-friendly. Statistical data indicates that 44% of customers stated that having a live chat specialist available during an online purchase was one of the most important features a company can offer. Also, a further 63% of customers

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Live Chat: Behind the Chat

Silvia Planella/ January 26, 2015

In the current climate of smartphones and the ease of internet access, customers are expecting multiple channels of communication from companies. The reason is immediacy. It is a two way street where live chat has advantages for both parties. A customer gets instant responses and the merchant reduces shopping cart abandonment whilst also keeping the customer on their website for

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Live chat channel: Research Findings

Silvia Planella/ March 25, 2013

30% of our new businesses in 2012 are availing the use of our web chat or live chat service. This increase is due to the recognition of the benefits of implementing this customer contact channel on our clients’ websites. Our own experience is availed by research carried out by live chat software providers and large in-house contact centre from the

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Tablets and live chat: sales and customer satisfaction increase

Silvia Planella/ January 28, 2013

U.S. ownership rates for tablet computers increased in the third quarter of 2012, according to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), and consumer satisfaction with these products remains consistently high. CEA’s Consumer Outlook on Tablets: Q4 2012 shows that tablet ownership rates among online U.S. consumers reached 31 percent as of September 2012, more than doubling the ownership rate from October

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Live Chat Support

Silvia Planella/ August 17, 2012

Increase Sales Opportunities How often does a customer consider asking a question and then give up on it because they feel it’s not worth calling about? Our Live Chat Support allows your customers to receive an answer to their question instantaneously. Using our state-of-the-art technology we offer a convenient alternative to your standard FAQs section. It is an application that

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What on earth is Livechat and how can it increase sales for your business?

Silvia Planella/ July 16, 2012

Research from Forrester Research showed that 49% of consumers online are not satisfied with FAQ and Help tools on websites. So… increase your on-line customer satisfaction rating by 49% with Live Chat service e-Business / e-commerce Problem A couple of month ago (May 2012) Call Management visited the e-commerce expo in Manchester. There, I got engaged in an interesting conversation

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Livechat, e-mail handling and social media

Silvia Planella/ February 13, 2012

The alternative contact channels Research carried out by Ember services highlights the value of choice in the range of contact channels for improving customer care. Some examples of the benefits are: 1. Web contact: National Rail Enquiries has migrated 80% of all contacts to the web. They have seen customer enquiries grow by 343% over nine years yet still achieved a fourfold

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Test Arema Connect Chatbot

Silvia Planella/ August 14, 2017

What is a chatbot? A chatbot is a programme that powered by rules interacts with customers via a chat interface. It is like Live chat but interacting with a machine instead of a human. Currently, there are two types of chatbots: normal and intelligent. Normal chatbots are limited to the predefined questions/answers inputted by the company/user. It doesn’t have the

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Call Centre Solutions for Busy lives

Call Management/ July 1, 2014

100% of SME’s looking for a call centre fall under 2 main categories: Call Centre for Personal requirements Maternity leave cover: Short term support with a short term contract Holiday cover and sabbatical cover: You deserve a break. Enjoy quality time with your family and friends without affecting your business. Cover your employees’ holidays too. Sickness and illness cover: Unregulated

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