Call centre for the financial sector: Impacts and Benefits of outsourcing your customer support

Silvia Planella/ April 16, 2018

Diversification of services and products in the financial sector is growing rapidly. Every day there is a larger number of financial options offered to clients (e.g. mortgage options, saving accounts, current accounts). But it is a fact, that customers are slow changing financial institutions. In 2015, the Independent reported that “we are more likely to get divorced than change banks”. 

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4 Channels Every Online Shoe Retailer should be using..

Katie Murphy/ April 10, 2018

Many Shoe Retailers spend a great deal of time and money investing in their brick and mortar presence. However, there is little attention given to their online store. It could be said that this is a big mistake, as Online Shoe sales in the US are set to grow at a rate of 9.2% by 2021 as highlighted in the

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Arema Connect Introduction Video

Silvia Planella/ April 6, 2018

Our Call Centre Agent Aisling created this video to Introduce Arema Connect. We provide innovative customer contact services to great organisations across Ireland, USA and the UK. We provide fast, dependable and efficient contact centre services using the channels your customers find most convenient. Those channels include mobile, social media, email, live chat and your website in addition to standard

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PSYCHED –  Positive Support You Can Have Every Day Award

Katie Murphy/ March 29, 2018

Last night Our Managing Director Pat Keogh and Marketing Coordinator Silvia Planella received a Certificate of Recognition to acknowledge the activities to date in promoting well-being in the workplace. The certificate was presented by The Lord Mayor of Cork Tony Fitzpatrick & Cork County Council. Activities… The PSYCHED Award scheme is to encourage well-being in the workplace, and it is aimed

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Case Study – Customer Support for the Financial Sector

Silvia Planella/ March 28, 2018

Our financial client’s background The credit union provides members with the benefit of saving, insurance and allows them access to fair and reasonable rates on loans. They also offer a lower borrowing rate for traditional loans. This client has been serving its members in the financial sector for over 50 years. Their members enjoy the benefits of great competitive saving

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Staff Excellence Awards 2017-2018

Evan Daly/ March 26, 2018

Celebration Night Last weekend we held our annual staff achievement awards night! The event was to celebrate and appreciate our employees’ professional achievements for the 2017 – 2018 period. The importance of a recognition focused environment shows our appreciation to our employees, and boost their morale and performance. Not only it is a way to say thank you to our Staff,

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Building you Brand, How Outsourcing Can Better Represent You

Evan Daly/ March 20, 2018

 Why Outsource? Building you Brand, How Outsourcing Can Better Represent You. A Suite of marketing activities fulfilled through a customer contact center can best represent you and your brand. At some point or other, companies must rely on the services of an outsourcing firm. Maintaining business efficiency can be challenging to your core operation. A BPO Solution allows you to

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Deal-of-the-day customer support: What, when, and… HOW???

Silvia Planella/ March 12, 2018

Defining Deal-of-the-day campaigns – what? Deal-of-the-day, daily deal, flash sales,  one deal a day promotions type are part of e-commerce business models in which a website offers a single product for sale for a specific period of time. These promotional campaigns are not a new concept. They require a well-planned process that involves marketing, distribution and customer support teams. In the

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Addressing Contact Centre stereotypes one at the time

Katie Murphy/ March 8, 2018

The Inspiration…. As today is `International Women’s Day’, it brings about the whole thought of women surpassing their stereotypical roles in both society and the workplace. In turn, this sparked the idea of stereotypes within the workplace. One stereotype associated with the workplace is that males hold most managerial roles. Thankfully, the Contact Centre industry enables this stereotype to be

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