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Wind turbine of an electric company


  • Receptionist services
  • After hours call handling service
  • Emergency cover
  • Holiday cover
  • Call answering service

Our experience with Public Utilities 

Our Call Management services provide many essential functions to the utility sector. We offer solutions and services to providers of domestic and industrial utilities. For example to the many water, gas and electricity companies. Our range of services include call management, covering overflow and out-of-hours cover.

Our Client in the Sector

For the past decade we have assisted our partner in the utility sector. Our partner, a large operator providing waste management solutions to their domestic and industrial customers have a large employee base across the state. With their fleet of vehicles and span of operation – we give this client overflow, after-hours and holiday cover. Our client has vastly benefited from our call management support. What we believe in is giving you a stress free solution on a 24-7 approach allowing you to reach and continually serve your many customers.

Our Services to Clients

For our clients we offer them call management services. Through this customer service channel we can provide supports to the client and their Customers, which allows them to increase their customer satisfaction. For example, our ability in providing our client with receptionist cover immensely reduces their costs. At busy periods what Arema Connect can do, is look after our client. We take overflow calls on the clients behalf. Also, on request we can take their calls during lunchtime to avoid further disruption of their services to their customers. We provide the client with:

Overflow Answering Service

Our contact center team can answer the many calls for your business. We can look after your phone lines to cover the overflow calls on your behalf, we can assist you and your teams during busy and seasonal times. Our services can greatly assist you as it:


  • Increases customer satisfaction rates
  • Minimizes caller waiting times
  • Reduces stress on your team
  • Cuts the need to hire temporary team members
Receptionist Services
Our dedicated customer service teams can provide you and your business with an answering service on your behalf. We provide you with a 24 hour live answering support. We help grow your business by providing around the clock receptionist cover ensuring a greater level of customer service.
After Hours Answering
We provide you with an after hours support for your business 24/7. By forwarding your calls to us after you close, we will look after your customers just like you would. This is beneficial in providing cover in the gaps that may occur in the customer supports schedule. Today’s customers want you there, when they need you. With an after hours service we give you what your customers want!

We help with providing dedicated personnel and teams covering: Appointments, Orders, Medical Reception, and Professional reception to Accountants and to the Legal professions, for example.

Holiday Cover
Our holiday cover provides a professional and courteous answering service. The vacation cover looks after your business needs during the holidays with a dedicated script, by diverting to our lines our Customer Service Representatives answer your lines, in your name. In turn this greatly reduces the need to hire temporary staff. Overall, this greatly reduces training and recruitment costs.
Customer Support Services
Arema Connect helps gives you an essential way to providing 24-hour customer support. We make it simple for your customers to reach you. We provide you with customer support services which helps grow and increase customer satisfaction and retention. Providing great customer support service means that your customers will be assured that they can connect with a dedicated agent in real time 24/7.

Customer Support Case Study Results

Arema Connect has been working in partnership with our client since 2001. The collaboration between our teams proves to be extremely successful due to open lines of communication and increased customer satisfaction on behalf of the client.


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