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Retail and e-Commerce


  • Scalability
  • Live Chat Assistance
  • Telephone Answering
  • Email Handling
  • Social Media Support

Our experience in the Retail Sector

With the growth in online shopping, customers are increasingly shopping online and spending large amounts. With this exponential growth, so does the advancement of savvy shoppers, utilizing more apt forms of technology. Their many choices of devices, allows them a 24 / 7 always on, shopping service. Our Client, is a seasonal online retailer specializing in bespoke decorative furnishings avails of our Comprehensive Inbound call service.

Our Client in the Retail Sector

Our client, the largest in their field in the US is a manufacturer and distributor of Christmas Trees. Their Global export offering also includes complementary themed accessories. With their online product offering they have benefited from a suite of services from Arema Connect. They deliver on the highest quality and service across their Customers shopping experience. With our experience in our partnership, the past several years we have provided them with several Omnichannel solutions. We provide for a 24 / 7 always connected Livechat, Email Handling, Telephone answering and social media monitoring.

Our Contact Centre Services for this Client

Our range of services provide for a universal global assistance to our Clients global customers’ with secure payment and sales proccessing, customer enquires, product returns and reverse logistics. Our client choose to purchase this as a suite of services – unifying their contact support gave them a wholistic approach to providing for the best possible customer experience.

Omnichannel Information Support
Our dedicated support agents assist the customers with many enquiries related to online shopping. Through our CRM system, we have devised an efficient first contact resolution knowledgebase system, we apply an agile approach to reducing the customers pain points in their shopping experience. Forward Escallation to the specialist team, for more complex queiries. All information is recorded in our clients’ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software in line with security and data protection regulations.
Online Account Management
Our clients customer facing website allows for Personal Accounts creation, allowing for online account management, Purchase of Goods and as portal to their Customer Service. Our dedicated agents can can cobrowse alongside customers with issues that need troubleshooting, such as: Account Setup enquiries, password reset, invoicing & Conformation. This service can be provided through phone, email, SMS text messages and live chat.
Order Sales Support

Customers can buy their goods online or through our call centre. We provide them with:

  • Information about products, pricing and delivery
  • Processing of Payment using our PCI compliant software
  • Online Purchase Enquiries
  • Aftersales Support
  • Reverse Logistics assistance

All customer sales are fulfilled through a secure system for payment processing inline with the stadards in payment protection

Cancellation & Refunds Management
Order cancellation and refunds processes are managed by our dedicated team. We process this through our call answering service, business email handling service and outbound phone calls.

Retail Case Study Results

Arema Connect has been working in partnership with our client for the past several years. Through our long-term working relationship over the years, and the synergy between our shared teams has increased effect in sales and customer service satisfaction. We provide our clients with tailored reports that fulfil specific KPI requirements met, including the number of several metrics achieved.


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