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Public Sector


  • Call Answering Service
  • Emergency After Hours Helpline
  • Support & Information Line
  • 24 Hour Remote Service
  • Call Divert & Overflow

Our experience in the Public sector 

Arema Connect have been providing the public sector with contact centre services for over 10 years. Our team of multi skilled agents support the broad functions of Local and National Services, providing assistance through a call answering service with regard to Road Maintenance, Water Works, Electricity and Emergency Services. By providing such important services it is vital that we have the correct procedures in place in the event of an emergency or any other unexpected events. Our Contact centre approach yields cost efficiencies while delivering on results. 

Our Client in the Public sector

Since 2008, we have been providing the many state authorities with services. Our support services to the Public Sector include Emergency and Call answering assistance, General Letting Information and 24 Hour remote service, where we route and escalate calls to the correct Personnel and Department.  Our service delivery helps achieve a lean approach to Costs and efficiencies. This helps to deliver on their required statutory obligation to the public. Their Impact on the public depends on a guaranteed up time of our services to them.

Our contact centre services for this client

We provide a range of multichannel support services to the Sector. We provide contact solutions as a suite offering, Call Management, SMS alerts or Social Media monitoring. For our clients we provide them with multichannel solutions, we support their many requirements. We provide the client with:

Support Line
We support our Clients and their operations on a 24 / 7 basis. We provide for a quick and efficient process to respond to issues and calls. Our Support line agents deliver on reducing costs, by covering phone lines around the clock, and are reliable – where we have established effective processes in place, supporting our clients to the industry standard.
Emergency Escalation
Our dedicated agents act on our Clients behalf, adhering to guidelines through an escalation process devised in partnership with our clients. Our process of escalation achieves an efficient practice of Reporting and directing Callers, Maintenance personnel, Engineers and Emergency Crews to the Correct level of response.
Call Answering

We provide Global support to our Clients. We operate on a 24/7 basis providing efficient contact centre handling. Our Call Answering service involves us assessing the Nature of Inbound Calls, and our Multi skilled agents determine the correct routing. From this, we determine the relevant department to either handle or escalate the issue too.

Overflow & After Hours

We provide an Overflow and After hours support to Clients. In our multichannel Contact Centre. We deliver on continued service delivery for many public sector agencies and departments after traditional hours of business. We provide cost effective solutions, adjustable to end-users needs – we can ramp up operations – during weather emergencies. With Unforeseen and fluctuations in a business cycle, we provide for an up-time ensure business continuity on our Clients behalf.

Customer Support Case Study Results

Arema Connect has been working in partnership with our client since 2011. We have built a long-term relationship over the years, and the collaboration between our teams has increased sales and customer satisfaction. We provide our clients with tailored reports that fulfil specific Public Sector. Additionally, we provide to our client accurate activity reports with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as seen below:


% calls Answered

Inbound Calls

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