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Our experience in the Professional Services Sector

We provide for a number of Secretarial and Administrative services across the tertiary sector. We provide for several customer service centre activities for a number of Professional Service Firms (PSF). Our range of services cover receptionist, office personnel & secretarial, holiday cover and after hours.  

Our Client in the Professional Services Sector

Our trained agents in our shared services department are responsible for all cases of customer service. The agent, on your behalf operates in the professional sense of your industry. Our agents assess the nature of the call and initiates the correct mode of action, whether a further course of action needs to be followed, through escalation, for example. We provide for a number of relationship management platforms, that have been customized on our clients behalf, we also utilize major platforms such as Salesforce. Each query is processed through a ticketing process, assisting in the mapping of your customers’ service journey – providing for the best in class service. This allows us to deliver a service level of the required standard.

Our contact centre services for this client

Arema Connect provides for a number of Multichannel solutions. Services offered are either though stand alone offerings, such as telephone answering service, or coupled with partial or a full Omnichannel support solutions, Such as Live chat and Social Media Monitoring and Email handling. For this particular client, we provide both call and Email handling services. Through these channels, we support their multiple customer service requirements. We provide the client with:

Contact Handling
Our team answers all enquiries related to the Legal issues of the Clients Callers. This involves detailed and confidential recording In our knowledge management system, due to the sensitivity of the clients service users, we have appropriate management & operational  structures in place, designed by both us and our Client. The rationale in dedicating a specialist alliance between both parties, drives a coherent streamlined process. We understand Professional services can involve complex nature, where we deliver on achieving a first call resolution to customers, with privacy in mind
Appointment Logging
At times, our client facilitates client facing appointments for its users, we here at Arema Connect provide for the booking and checking in process with those service users. We schedule SMS and outbound telephone calls, reminding and informing users of availability, times and further arrangements. All scheduling on behalf of our client is processed through the Customer Relationship Management platform. Additionally, we can monitor their social media channels and particular parties through the appropriate channels and repossesses.
Post Service & Follow-up
Our client carries out post contractual services, either informing or rescheduling appointments to their users. We also carry out follow-up customer survey satisfaction where appropriate, we facilitate the dissemination of Offers, Specials and one-off Call-to-actions (CTA). We utilize VOIP telephony and SMS messaging and Email services on our clients behalf for carrying out the services.

Customer Support Case Study Results

Together with a great team and the technology that drives performance, we handle the Customer Contact instances on leading service providers, both in the Accounting and Legal sector. Arema Connect acts as the first point of contact their customers and users with their service. All our calls are recorded and meet standards set by clients requirements – meeting escallation and case management procedures. Through our bespoken partnership approach we built-up over the past several years, we provide feedback results highlighting report activity and KPI’s and other agile metrics.


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