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Our experience in the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector is extremely regulated. We have been providing contact centre services to the Healthcare sector since 2012 including call answering service and email handling. Our experienced agents were required to complete a test compiled by our client to ensure that they were fully up to speed with the sector and its requirements. Since then, we have acquired several more clients that fall within this sector. Through the following case study, we will outline our ability and experience in delivering a high quality service to a client within the Healthcare sector.

Our Client Case Study 

We have been working on behalf of this client since 2012. This healthcare client that we cater for is one of the UK’s and America’s largest pharmaceutical organisations. Arema Connect provide a 24/7 bespoke call answering service which sometimes needs to be escalated and email handling tailored to our clients needs. Furthermore, we undertake the necessary requirements needed by the client in the instance of an adverse event.

Our Contact Centre Services for this Client

We provide a range of services for this client in the Healthcare sector including adverse event support, data recording, email reporting and patient support services. All these can be provided through call answering service, email handling, text message and live chat. For this client, we provide both call and email handling services. Through these channels we support their high regulated activities. We provide the client with:

Adverse Events Support

Adverse events are critical so regardless of how implausible the event, is it must be reported. In this instance it is a drug causing a reaction. If an adverse event is reported in Ireland it must be reported to every country in the world within 7 days, this is to limit potential knock-on effects in other areas. In turn, the adverse event calls need to be logged with the utmost care.

Data Recording Through a call Answering Service
Unique patient details such as age, gender etc are taken as well as detailed notes on the adverse event experienced. These details are logged and escalated to a member of our clients on call team. If it is an urgent call this point of contact is notified immediately via phone call.
Patient Support Service
Our client places a strong emphasis on providing their customer with an extremely high level of customer support. This support service can include: General patients FAQS and any other queries

Case Study Results

Our client ‘Mystery Shop’ twice a year to ensure we are compliant with their procedure. Each of our agents have performed extremely well during these mystery shopping calls. In turn, allowing for our partnership with the client to continue. The call volumes on behalf of this client are initially low. However, there is a greater emphasis placed on the procedures in place being followed and the correct information being recorded.

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