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Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)


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Our experience in the FMCG sector

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Sector, is a fast paced and dynamic industry. Our multi-skilled agents provide inbound call management, email handling, live chat, SMS text message and Social Media Support to many businesses and customers that fall within this industry. Since our establishment, we have being working closely with some of the sectors largest and indigenous businesses. In this Case Study we will transpose some of the valuable contact centre services we provide our client from the FMCG sector with. Our experiences help to strongly support our clients marketing strategy in a fast paced environment.

Our Client in the FMCG Sector

Our client is one of Ireland’s leading grocery retail and wholeseller. At Arema Connect we operate a dedicated inbound call management service, an email handling service and social media support, an emergency alert SMS text message service. Which is a vital component for urgent action and product recalls across the Clients many retail network of stores. This client has a portfolio of many brands. In turn, there is unique requirements for each brand across different platforms. Additionally, we support the clients customers and their service providers.


Our contact centre services for this client

We provide a range of Omnichannel services for this client. Arema Connect’s services for our client involves high volume of calls, emails and monitoring their social media. In turn, there is a dedicated team of agents for this client. Arema Connect handle emails and calls for our client on a  24/7 basis. We process a wide range of activities on the clients behalf. Our Skilled agents determine if these actions require further escalation or contact with the necessary person. Through social media analytics platform, we monitor and engage our clients across their brands. We provide the client with:

Product Recall & Quality Control
Our team receive a call/ email from one of our food safety & quality co-coordinator contacts within our clients company. This email contains a list of stores and the product recall message that needs to be sent to the stores. The message includes all relevant product codes and the reason for the recall. One example of a message may include – “traces of almonds are present in some batches of products (not declared on label)” and therefore they need to be recalled. This product recall requires an outbound calls to each of the suppliers, and a follow up email.
Brand Monitoring

Our team supports our clients:

  • Proactive approach to Public Relations
  • Replying to Customers through Social Media plaforms
  • Crisis Management
  • Monitoring and Analytics of Social Media posts

This service is beneficial to our client as it reduces their administrative overhead. We have specialist in house agents for the management of this channel.

General Enquiries

 Our agents can provide our clients’ customers with a range of service enquirers including:

  • General Enquires
  • Information about products, services, stores
  • Loyalty Scheme Programmes
  • Offers in Store
  • Online Shopping Enquiries
Customer Support
The Clients customers are assisted with general account problems, navigation issues and account and payment resolution. password reset.

Case Study results

Arema Connect has been working in partnership with our client for the past several years. Through our relationship over the years, and shared values between our teams we have increased customer satisfaction. We provide our clients with tailored reports that achieve specific requirements, including Key Performance Indicators.

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