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Automotive Industry


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Our experience in the Auto sector

Arema Connect has a proven record on delivering a satisfactory approach to delivering a fast paced Inbound Customer Service Experience. Our service delivery for our Client, a major broker in vehicle leasing involves us achieving the effective coordination across many partners and suppliers involved. Our course of action connects the drivers to many of the supports they require. We collaborate with our Clients dedicated support service suppliers. We deliver on technical support solutions across the many levels involved.

Our Client in the Auto Sector

Our client is one of Ireland’s largest vehicle Service, maintenance and repair companies. They cater for both commercial and passenger vehicles under their tailored customer plans. Arema Connect was asked to provide dedicated inbound customer service. We did this by providing a technical support team made up of fully trained and qualified customer service agents who arrange all maintenance and repairs for our client.

Our contact centre services for this client

Our client the largest provider of Vehicle management in the world operate thousands of vehicles throughout Ireland. We adminster case management across their workforce and lessees – providng a seamless service for many Clients,from: Fleet Managers, Directors, Cheif Officers, Teams & Drivers. We utilise both our inhouse and our clients CRM Systems to adequately support the Groups coordination accross Distibution, Maintenance replacement, Emergency Cover & Assistance. Our dedicated team push and excel at a constant servce delivery, that best matches the expectation of our clients users. Our clients culture matches that of us here at Arema Connect, this synergy achieves goal performance and further developed an increase in operation.

 We provide the client with:

Our agents book and schedule vehicle maintenance, service and repairs appointments. This involves our specialist teams engaging with the providers performing outbound telephone and email activities. This high-intensity collaboration is executed by combining our client’s CRM software and our internal call centre infrastructure. The process involves multi-channel contact centre touch points between all involved.
Accident Assistance and Breakdown Cover
We coordinate breakdown assistance and accident and emergency cover. Agents handle the situation in a calm and appropriate manner and are trained to deal with complex issues. We have a dedicated after-hour specialist agents to deal with out of normal hours of business matters. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system was designed specifically for the client. In turn, this acquires the relevant information needed for the client to address the purpose of callers to the line. This continues to be extremely useful as information is gathered in an effective and efficient manner.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys
After each interaction with our team, the market research department schedule follow up customer satisfaction surveys to capture customers’ feedback related to our client’s suppliers.

Customer Support Case Study Results

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used to evaluate the success of the targets that were set. Arema Connect are responsible for areas of the line which have high volumes of callers. Such volumes of calls are expected from the roadside assistance and service or repair assistance. The 2017 KPIs highlighted there was a large volume of inbound calls answered, 91.9%. The average waiting time per call was 20 seconds which shows the efficiency of the agents assigned to the customer. The level of service by agents is evaluated through various recordings allowing for the customer to assess the high-quality service for themselves. Followed by a minimum of one recording taken per week from the various agents assigned to this particular client. The desired results continue to be achieved by both parties.


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