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Database Management

We provide our clients with Database Management Services which includes removing duplicates and corrections of inconsistencies. Using desk research, emails and telephone activities, your database will be evaluated and returned to you in the agreed time-frame. This ensures your in house team have an up to date database for all your day to day business needs.

Data Interrogation

Information Security


Accuracy & Efficient Process

Increased Productivity
Eliminate Inconsistency 

Database Management Solutions

Our database management service ensures you have an accurate database to work with. We can support your in house team before, during and post campaign by improving your data accuracy. By improving your data accuracy you can get a higher Return On Investment (ROI) with each campaign. Market Research Databases will be more useful with adequacy, consistency and validity.

Our dedicated team have experience in executing outbound Market Research activities with a number of Ireland’s top Financial and Retail providers.


The benefits of the service include:

  • Productive
    Get better insights into your customers. We update database accordingly and eliminate any inconsistencies.
  • Convenience
    Save your in house team the administrative headache and time by allowing us to organize your market research database.
  • Peace of Mind
    Our team place a strong emphasis on data protection with all interactions.

24 by 7

365 days



How our Market Research Database Management Works

By opting for Database Management services you can continue to grow and develop your database.

Our key Database Management Services include Data Entry, Data Conformation and Elimination of inaccurate information.

Our dedicated team place a strong emphasis on data protection with each interaction.

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