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Customer Satisfaction

Our dedicated team can carry out customer service surveys on your behalf. Both qualitative and quantitative information can be collected through our outbound dallier and survey software. Our experienced market research team will capture customers’ feedback in a timely and accurate manner.





Loyalty Building

Informative & Engaging

Benefits of Customer Surveying

The benefits of Customer Service Surveying include:

  • Interactive

This form of customer service surveying allows you to interact with your customers and receive feedback on your products/services. In turn, this can great assist with future decision making while further engaging with your customers.

  • Insights

Customer Surveying can allow you to gain greater insights into your customers. Such insights can be valuable for new product development and improving existing products/services.

  • Informative & Engaging

Customer Service Surveys allows you to pin point common problems faced by customers. It is also ensures customers feel their opinions are listened to.

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How Arema Connect Customer Satisfaction Survey works?

We use a variety of methods to complete customer satisfaction surveys including online and over the phone. Prior to starting a campaign we will choose methods and set KPIs to best suit your desired results.

Our dedicated Market Research team are familiar with the Net Promoter System (NPS) and place a strong emphasis on data protection with all interactions.

We will gather accurate information in a timely manner to best capture your customers’ insights.

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