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Competitor and Market Research

Each outbound survey is tailored to suit your needs in order to get the results you desire. Our dedicated team can assist you in gaining greater insights into your given market to help you enhance your targeting opportunities.

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More in depth information of your market


Competitive Advantage


Greater Customer Targeting Opportunities 

Competitor and Market Research Benefits

Our dedicated market research team have over 17 years experience in carrying Competitor and Market Research on our clients behalf. Using our outbound dallier, our agents will contact your database following the agreed procedure and script. At the duration of each campaign you will be provided with a detailed report.


The benefits of Competitor and Market Research include:

  • More in depth information of your market
    By conducting Competitor and Market Research you will have the ability to remain a leader in your field by keeping up to date with emerging trends.
  • Competitive Advantage
    Carrying out consumer research will allow you to remain a step ahead of your competitors by capturing valuable market insights.
  • Greater Customer targeting opportunities
    This research will allow you to greater target your customers needs in your given market. Additionally, the information gathered can greatly assist in the decision making process.

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How Arema Connects Competitor and Market Research Works


Our trained and qualified team can assist you with tasks associated with competitor and market research such as:

Market Research Questionnaire Design: We develop unique  research questionnaires for each campaign. 


Sample selection: Depending on the research objectives we will assist you on the most suitable way to capture the information you require. 


Questionnaire administration: Surveys can be carried out over the phone, face to face, online or via post.


Data entry: We specialize in data entry management. We have experience in database management. 


Data Analysis: We provide a detailed report of our findings at the duration of each project. 

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