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Market Research Services

Our Market Research Services are customer driven. You can benefit from our dedicated market research team to help you acquire the information that you need.


Multichannel Contact Centre with ability to Ramp up or down to meet businesses requirements

Award Winning

Award Winning Contact Centre Team


Multichannel Contact Centre with ability to Ramp up or down to meet businesses requirements

Database Management

Our Database Management Service can ensure your database is up to date by removing duplicate entries and inconsistencies. Your assigned dedicated team can save your in-house team the administrative headache by allowing them to focus on new campaigns.


Full campaign control

Competitor and Market Research

We have experience in completing Competitor and Market Research for many clients, from a wide variety of sectors. Each project is completed in a timely manner with detailed reports provided at completion of each campaign.

Customer Satisfaction

Our team gather insightful responses from your customers. You can avail of our outbound dallier and survey software to collect and analyse your customer satisfaction and in turn, you can make more informed decisions.

Adherence to GDPR regulation

“All our Market Research Campaigns are designed with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) principles in mind. We have strong mechanisms to ensure data protection and anonymity of responses, as required by our clients.” – Kelley Phelan, Quality Manager

Scope and Time frame

Arema Connect delivers on Agile performance and management of Client services. We focus on continued development and achieving end goals. Through our partnership approach we ensure coherent reporting and feedback, adjusting and streamlining processes, to deliver on performance accuracy, thus producing excellence in service. We collaborate will all our intermediaries and stakeholders throughout our operations. We take lead of our clients needs through a supportive leadership.

Value Added

Expansion & Growth potential

Strong Focus on our clients brand values & ethos

Owner managed with lean decision making process

Strong Management Team with a focus on customer satisfaction

Multilingual support (Spanish, French & German)

Partnership approach with our clients

Data Collection Software
We use major data collection software to capture and collate responses and interactions from campaigns. Some of the leading software we provide are SurveyMonkey, Google Forms (GSuite) and others.
Data Analysis Software
We have a range of specialist software for generating thorough insight and interpretation. You can use the results to improve your business and operations based on the valuable feedback. R and Python are examples of such software to provide business intelligence.
Our report generating feature gives you a comprehensive overview of the performance of a particular campaign. Depending on the insight sought we provide you with the relevant feedback to a bespoke reporting structure.

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