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Market Research Services

Our bespoke Market Research campaigns are customer driven. They are treated as stand-alone projects with a dedicated team. You can benefit from the expertise of our market research team combined with the efficiencies of our call centre infrastructure.


Multichannel Contact Centre with ability to Ramp up or down to meet businesses requirements

Award Winning

Award Winning Contact Centre Team


Multichannel Contact Centre with ability to Ramp up or down to meet businesses requirements

Database Management

Arema Connect has a dedicated team devoted to updating and verifying data by desk research and outbound phone campaigns. Database cleaning involves removing duplicates, updating contact details and removing incomplete data sets.


Full campaign control

Competitor and Market Research

We have the ability to provide Outbound surveys on behalf of our clients. Every project is unique and we will devise an action plan with deadlines prior to starting the campaign. We offer a range of customer surveys and market research campaigns, tailor made to suit your needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Arema Connect use loyalty metrics such as Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction Index to find out how likely your customers are to recommend your product/service, or if your product/service meet customer expectations.

Adherence to GDPR regulation

“All our Market Research Campaigns are designed with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) principles in mind. We have strong mechanisms to ensure data protection and anonymity of responses, as required by our clients.” – Kelley Phelan, Quality Manager

Scope and Time frame

Arema Connect delivers on Agile performance and management of Client services. We focus on continued development and achieving end goals. Through our partnership approach we ensure coherent reporting and feedback, adjusting and streamlining processes, to deliver on performance accuracy, thus producing excellence in service. We collaborate will all our intermediaries and stakeholders throughout our operations. We take lead of our clients needs through a supportive leadership.

Value Added

Expansion & Growth potential

Strong Focus on our clients brand values & ethos

Owner managed with lean decision making process

Strong Management Team with a focus on customer satisfaction

Multilingual support (Spanish, French & German)

Partnership approach with our clients

Data Collection Software
Data Analysis Software

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Market Research

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