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SMS Text Message

SMS mobile messaging encourages your customers to a range of actions, such as one off campaigns, reminders and call backs. You can now deal with multiple customers and audiences enabling easier customer connections and customer service.

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Automated Alerts 
Rewards & Loyalty
Increased Audiences

SMS Benefits

Are you looking to engage your audiences through a responsive and interactive communication tool? Mobile messaging has the power to reach customers 24/7 allowing you to maintain provision of audience and customer services, building loyalty thorough an increased open and conversion rate. Mobile messaging also allows interaction with your customers via inbound or outbound service, giving updates scheduled responses – while giving you increased and improved communication with your customers.


The benefits of SMS Text message service include:

  • Improve Engagement
    With a 24 by 7 – 365 availability you have a constant engagement platform with your customers and audiences.
  • Effective Conversions
    Using SMS messaging service helps you to reach and close sales and specific calls to actions.
  • Avalability 
    SMS engagement is cost effective reach. By using the bulk messaging service you can schedule automated marketing and service notification to you tailored audiences. The possibility of ad-hoc or once off actions too.
  • Improved Opportunities
    SMS messaging has greater traction and call to action for your audiences to immediately respond. With a large percentage of open rates – messages are responded to instantly.
  • Reliability
    The delivery of SMS is direct and wont be filtered through spam filters, and is direct to your customers.

24 by 7


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How Arema Connects SMS Mobile messaging Works

Make the convenient connection to your Customers by SMS messaging you can streamline your business processes and communications, by automating and integrating SMS into our CRM.  Our SMS solutions can manage alerts and keep in touch with your customers and clients, by having it as a part of your contact capabilities. You can market your business to tailored and designated audiences. Follow-up with customers independently of which channel they contacted you on. Standardized and mass reach of customers when running campaigns and offers.

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