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Real Estate 

A house key chain and the key to a real estate property over a blue sky


  • Call Answering Service
  • Customer Problem Resolution Calls
  • Overflow and Out of Hours Service
  • Lettings Receptionist
  • 24 hour assistance

Our experience in Real Estate

We work with many realtors within the sector. Our Contact Center provides services to both commercial and federal renting authorities. Our experience in assisting the scope the management of property covers aspects that support our clients, like emergency cover, leaks, electricity, alarms and other adverse events. Our services involve ongoing contact with supporting providers. We represent you, 24/7/365 and engage with dedicated stakeholders.

Our Client Case Study 

Arema Connect provides our client with an Urgent call handling service. This involves calls that require urgent action, with an established plan of action in place. We represent your business and service as a first point of contact. Our partnership with several contractors helps us deliver your urgent needs – whether it be a plumber, electrician, or repairmen. Our service representatives answer your calls 24-hours per day. We support our client on ad-hoc basis too, where we cover holiday, receptionist and business overflow. Providing our clients with cost effective solutions, greatly reducing overhead, training and recruitment costs.

Our contact center services for clients

Our team is your front desk 24-hours per day, 365 days per year. Our capable and professional customer service representatives are an extension of your team. Our agents answer each call in your name and handle each call as decided by you. If you wish, we can also transfer calls to dedicated individuals – depending on who is calling and how he call is to be resolved. Each instance captured in integrated CRM systems. We provide the client with:

Realtor Front Desk Services
Arema Connect represents your business with around-the-clock customer service. A partnership with us gives you a team of dedicated, friendly and competent services. We answer on your behalf, and will follow your designed call flow. Our service provides you with a range of customer services that are versatile and affordable at a fraction of the costs. Through customer management portals, we capture your appointments, customer inquiries and call logging. These are then available to you via our online portal for easy retrieval, anytime, anywhere.


Escalation & Forwarding
Our flexible team can cover your lines during after hours, weekends and vacation cover. We have teams that represent you 24-hours where we can route and transfer calls as directed by you. We pass calls onward to ensure you don’t miss an urgent call, lead capture, or client appointments and scheduling.
Holiday Cover
Arema Connect can help provide that essential holiday cover so you don’t miss a thing. Our 24/7/365 center has you covered day & night. With holiday cover, we look after all your call management needs, from message taking, order and sales lines, appointments and scheduling. With scalability we can ramp up or down accordingly, matching your business cycle.
24/7/365 Customer Support

We are helpful, efficient and dedicated. Our customer services are available around-the-clock. We know business and the importance of providing excellent customer service 24-hours. Our service representatives helps many business in delivering a continued service offering. We provide Web chat, order processing, Scheduling, After Hours and vacation cover over a 24/7 approach on your behalf. Arema Connect give you everything you need to make your customer service excellent.

Case Study Results

Our property management team are proficient in assisting with some of the biggest tenant and property management agencies in the Country. Due to the nature and seasonality associated with the Sector, we have the scalability and overflow provisions available to our client. We assist with general and complex issues – and process them according withing our CRM system. Ensuring accuracy, all instance logging is done so initially while on call. In this manner, our skilled agents are proficient in several areas relating to our clients needs, from: engineering, electrical, plumbing and emergencies to urgent scenarios. Since our foundation, we have established a long-term relationship with our client, we initially facilitated an after hours line, since then we have grown and leveraged many of their non core activities to our Contact Center.


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