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Professional Services

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Our experience in the Professional Services Sector

Since our establishment in 2001, we have been providing clients with secretarial and administrative services. Through these services we support many clients from the Professional Services Sector. These clients avail of a wide range of services including receptionist cover, after hours and holiday cover.

Our Client in the Professional Services Sector

Our shared agents answer all calls on your behalf and gather the information you desire from your customer. Our agents assess the nature of the call and decide if there is a need to escalate the call. We have an in house CRM which we can offer our clients or log into our clients preferred systems.


Our contact center services for this client

Arema Connect offer our client a number of Multi-channel services including: Telephone Answering Service, Business Email Handling, Social Media Monitoring and Live Chat Service. These services are all tailored to meet our clients needs. For this client we provide telephone answering and business email handling. By providing these services we support their many customer service functions.

Contact Handling
Our team answers customer queries regarding legal issues on the clients behalf. The nature of these calls require more confidential recording capabilities our knowledge management system can meet this requirement. Professional Services are more complex in nature, however, our team place a strong emphasis on First Call Resolution with all interactions.


Appointment Logging
Our team are also responsible for taking appointments on the clients behalf. This involves checking availability and arranging appointments with customer through SMS reminders. For time to time this involves our team carrying outbound calls for further arrangements. All scheduling are processed through the CRM Platform, which the client has access to.


From time to time we carry out follow ups with the client’s customers. This involves Customer Satisfaction Surveying, which is carried out by our dedicated Market Research team.This allows our client to gain a greater insight into their customer’s experience with their service.

Customer Support Case Study Results

The services we provide to the professional services greatly reduce our clients administrative headache. Many of our clients from the professional services sector have been with us since our establishment in 2001. We continue to build upon these long term relationships.


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