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Market Research

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  • Telephone Research
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveying
  • Competitor & Market Research
  • Database Management

Our experience with Market Research Services

Arema Connect specializes in the provision of online and telephone research services. We support any market research efforts and treat each campaign as a stand-alone project. Our team uses a partnership approach to support National and International Market research agencies providing them with additional manpower and survey software to reach their desired targets within the designated timeframe.

Our Client: Market Research Agency 

Our client is a market research agency that was appointed as the Market Research partner of Ireland’s largest Financial Institution. They required additional manpower to perform telephone research and collect survey responses meeting the designated targets. We provide services focusing on the achievement ofresults-driven responses, and offer a comprehensive suite of both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Arema Connect team delivers telephone research services combining with online surveys and our dedicated outbound call software.

Supporting Market Research Agency requirements

While our team provides full-integrated market research services, our team strengths reside in the ability to perform and collect online and telephone research answers on a timely manner. National and International market research agencies hire our services to provide their clients with a most cost-effective solution for their data collection process. For this client, our team performed over 15,000 customer satisfaction surveys and returned the data collected to our client for statistical and content analysis. All agents interactions were performed through our dedicated outbound dialler following our clients’ script. Responses were logged in real-time on our clients’ online software.

We provide the client with:

Fulfill Project Scope
Through our dedicated agents, we carry out many market research approached to Customer Satisfaction analysis, Prior, Post and where necessary – during particular campaigns. Our team provide outbound services, ranging in several methodologies.
Provide Valuable Information
Our team collected valuable information about the customer satisfaction. To ensure this, our market research agents adhered to:

  • Non-Judgmental Approach during the data collection process
  • Unbiased Market Research
  • Adhering to Ethical Standards
Effective Delivery
Our team completed the required surveys within the timeframe agreed at the beginning of the project. Our team has the ability to ramp up and down according to each campaign requirements.
Data Protection

Our team and systems strictly adhere to data protection regulations. We sign a non-disclosure agreement at the beginning of each project and train our team on data protection policies. We have the correct procedures in place to comply with the GDPR framework of regulation.

  • Data Security: IT and HR
  • Data Integrity & Privacy

Case Study Results

We have been working with this particular for the past five years. Over the years our relationship has progressed and we are now supporting their team to reach further markets. Over the years we have provided telephone research surveys on their behalf for the healthcare, financial, retail and IT sector.


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