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Leisure and Travel

Scuba diving as part of travel and leisure business


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Our experience in the Leisure and Travel Industry

The leisure and travel industry is constantly evolving. Our contact center team provides call outsourcing to the many travel, leisure and hospitality services through our multi-channel center. We provide Call Management, Email handling and Web Chat support to our clients.  Our provision of excellent customer support services helps companies to outsource and benefit of solutions. Our teams have a wealth of experience within this industry assisting many travel agencies, restaurants, hotels, tour operator events organizers.

Our Client in the Leisure and Travel Sector

We have been working on behalf of this client since 2011. Initially, we provided them with call answering to support their customer enquiries over the spring and summer period. In May 2013, we were given the responsibility of providing Customer Support for their season ticket holders through email and telephone. With this Expansion we provide for the care of Our client’s members, which reaches a worldwide audience. This contract has a high summer seasonality which requires our team to escalate from 1 to 10 call center agent. During this peak period, call and email volumes increase substantially. Our client benefits of the scalability of our services, whereby we ramp up during their peak times. 

Our contact centre services for this client

Arema Connect provides a range of services to our clients. We fulfill customer online account management, ticket sales & support, cancellation & refunds issuance, events and promotional campaign supports including ancillary supports.

Our range of services can be readily provided for through call answering, email handling, web chat, social media & SMS text messaging. Through these channels, we support our clients with the many requirements, We provide the client with:

Omnichannel Information Support
Our team delivers an Omnichannel support by answering all inquiries on the clients behalf. In our knowledge management system – Customer Relationship Management (CRM), we have a robust knowledge base, conveniently supporting your customers in their purchasing journey. We aim on achieving a first call resolution, where a customer’s instance is processed instantaneously. All customer information is recorded in the dedicated CRM platform too.
Online Account Management
Our clients offer customers an online information and account portals. What we do for them is help these customers in technical supports regarding their online accounts. Where customers may require assistance beyond your usual hours of business, we provide a range of support services available 24-hours. Our team supports customers with:

  • Account Setup inquiries
  • Reset password
  • Print Tickets
  • Send confirmation e-mails or text messages with their booking reference

This service can be provided through phone, e-mail, text messages and live chat.

Ticket Sales Support
Purchasing of tickets online or through a dedicated phone service. Providing customers with:

  • Information about events, locations, access routes, seating zones, pricing and many more.
  • The processing of Payment by PCI compliant software.
  • Online and shopping assistance.
  • Support to Point of Sale and retail ticketing vendors and distributors e.g. convenience stores including Resellers.

All sales are processed inline with industry standards by our secure systems, ensuring data protection and a security for the customers.

Cancellation & Refunds Management
Cancelled events and refunds processes are managed by our dedicated team. We process this through our call answering service, business e-mail handling service and outbound phone calls. Our team provides:

  • Full explanation of terms and conditions of the tickets booked
  • Manage Cancellation of events (e.g. bad weather, problems with the venue…)
  • Process Refunds as indicated by our clients’ refund policy

All refunds are documented in our client’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for accountability purposes.

Events Promotional Campaign Support
We support many clients with event promotion through many supporting bodies such as sport and recreational clubs, enhancing their advertising and social media campaigns. Our call answering and email handling team are scalable with the versatility of ramping up or down as required to meet a particular campaign’s demands. Also, we can monitor their social media presence through the various channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Our multi-channel contact center develops clients brand and awareness.
Membership Loyalty Program
Our client rewards their customer for their loyalty through their membership program. Customers who fulfill a set of minimum qualifying criteria are given priority to purchase tickets for specific events. Our team supports:

  • Inquiries about guests, customers and members’ loyalty program
  • Individual account status
  • Supports the purchase of priority tickets
  • Update accounts accordingly

Each interaction is logged within the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) using a case management approach.

Customer Support Case Study Results

Arema Connect has been working in partnership with our client since 2011. We have built a long-term relationship over the years, and the collaboration between our teams has increased sales and customer satisfaction. We provide our clients with tailored reports that fulfill specific Leisure and Tourism Sector requirements including the number of tickets sold through our call answering service, email, and live chat channels.  Additionally, we provide to our client accurate activity reports with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as seen below:


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