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A healthcare professional caring for a patient through a healthcare answering service


  • Data Recording
  • Email Handling
  • Call Answering
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Customer Support

Our experience with the Healthcare Sector

We provide many practitioners with efficient Scheduling and Appointment taking, assisting many Medical personnel like Doctors, Nurses, Physical Therapists and Dentists with a live healthcare answering service. We have been providing our clients with contact center services which include diary management – call and email answering on the clients behalf. Benefits of the service allows you to continue on developing you business growth, making it simple for your customers to book an appointment with you, 24-hours. You get an enhanced diary management where we handle reminders follow-up calls, around-the-clock.

Client Case Study 

We have been working with a broad scope of healthcare industries and professionals. For this particular healthcare client, we complement their successful business operations. A leading multinational pharmaceutical Company with Global Operations, where we provide a dedicated customer care call center. Our Healthcare answering services include urgent call handling and emergency lines. Dedicated agents with comprehensive knowledge in the industry. Arema Connect will provide you with a 24/7/365 service handled with your specifications. We can scale operations to your specification with flexibility.

Our Contact Center Services for Clients

We provide a suite of services for clients in the industry including supports for unforeseen medical emergencies: 24/7 Live Answering, After Hours, Urgent Lines with around-the-clock availability. Better communication is better patient care. Our healthcare answering service supports the medical and healthcare industry with privacy centric software including compliance with the EU wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) where we support highly regulated activities. We provide the clients with:

Adverse & Unforeseen Event Support

Medical Emergencies are critical and time sensitive. Adverse situations must be provided with both dedicated teams and communication channels. We provide urgent call management lines 24/7/365. Our dedicated and competent Customer Service Representatives will be on call, following your designed script, offering advice and knowledge. For example is a pharmaceutical or medical product causing a reaction or allergy? It is then essential that this is brought to your attention quickly.

Data Recording Through a call Answering Service

Personal, private patient details are securely logged in compliant password protected software. Where relevant, details are forwarded and escalated to your dedicated in house teams. A Client web access portal, online allows you to review details. Where optional, email and web chat channels are available to your customers.

Patient Support Service

We cater for a strong emphasis on providing your customer with a satisfactory level of support care. Support services can include: General patients FAQs and any other miscellaneous queries. Customer Service Representatives will be on hand to answer:

  • General Inquiries
  • Changes to their Accounts
  • Appointments notifications and follow-up
  • Literature requests
  • Product information and supports

Case Study Results

Our client ‘Mystery Shop’ twice a year to ensure we are compliant with their procedure. Each of our agents have performed extremely well during these mystery shopping calls. In turn, allowing for our partnership with the client to continue. The call volumes on behalf of this client are initially low. However, there is a greater emphasis placed on the procedures in place being followed and the correct information being recorded.

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