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Automotive Industry

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Our experience in the Automotive sector

Our team is providing Outbound and Inbound Customer Service for the automotive sector since 2003. We provide multiple services using a multichannel approach including contact center and market research services. An overview of our service delivery for a major automotive client is described in this page. Nevertheless, our team provides services to meet your own individual requirements applying the best practices of outbound and inbound customer service in the automotive and motor sector.

Our Client in the Auto Sector

Our client provides vehicle service, maintenance and repair services to individual and companies alike. They support for both commercial and passenger vehicles under tailored customer plans. On their behalf, a dedicated team of six agents provide outbound and inbound customer service through call management, email, live chat and text messages. 

Our outbound and inbound customer services for this client

A dedicated team of six call center agents support our clients outbound and inbound requirements since 2015. Using a case management approach, any inquiry is logged into their dedicated Customer Relationship Management and related activities are performed to sort the issue reported. Our team must provide a seamless service to different internal and external clients including Fleet Managers, Directors, Chief Officers, Teams & Drivers. the team adequately support the coordination of different groups across distribution, maintenance replacement, emergency cover & assistance.

A typical query will involve: receive a breakdown phone call, access to client’s profile and evaluate their contracted policy, identify the best supplier in relation to time and skillset required, contact supplier and arrange breakdown assistance, update the driver with this information, arrange a replacement vehicle (if the policy includes this service), contact the car rental company by phone / email to hire the vehicle, update customer with related information. Follow-up calls are schedule to ensure the satisfactory resolution of the breakdown and to collect customer satisfaction feedback through market research exercises.

We provide the client with:

Contact center agents book and schedule vehicle maintenance, service and repairs on behalf of our client. Agents will interact with drivers and mechanics to arrange suitable appointments for scheduled maintenance. Any unexpected break-down requirements will be timely reported and added to the drivers’ individual profiles. Accuracy of this process is paramount to ensure timely coverage and financial transparency.
Accident Assistace

Our dedicated team coordinates 24 by 7 breakdown assistance and accident cover. Our agents are trained to deal with complex issues including the identification of specific mechanical problems. All interactions are logged directly into our client’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system reducing duplicity of the work between their headquarters and our office. In turn, our agents are trusted with full access to client’s profiles which enables them to provide a higher quality service.

Customer Satisfaction: Follow-up and Feedback

Our team performs market research exercises to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the service delivery performed by our client’s suppliers (e.g. car hire providers and mechanics). After a call has been received, our team updates the driver with the information provided by mechanics and rental companies including expected time frame for the service. Follow-up calls are performed to ensure that drivers are receiving an outstanding customer support. Days after the service provision, our market research department contacts drivers with the aim of completing a customer satisfaction survey which provides invaluable feedback about out client’s partners.

Customer Support Case Study Results

Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), our team is evaluated by our client on a weekly basis. Customers’intervactions volumes fluctuate depending on the season and the weather conditions. Therefore, our team is accountable to manage this fluctuations and meet the parameters set on our client’s service level agreement. The largest volumes of calls are related to roadside assistance and service or repair assistance. In 2017, our team answered 91.9% inbound calls received within 20 seconds. All emails were answered within 1 hour of being acknowledged. We performed over 25,000 customer satisfaction surveys and reported on this on a monthly basis. Overall, the desired results continue to be achieved for both parties.


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