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Social Media Support

Support your customers using their chosen social media platform. Social Network customer support is becoming a must-have for any company. An active social presence enables your brand to reach more customers and also support any queries that they must have. Our agents representing your brand will respond to all your customer questions professionally and rapidly. 

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Customer Support


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Online Support
Convenience for your customers
Cost effective solution
Increase customer satisfaction

Social Media Customer Support Benefits

Social Media Customer Support provides your customers with additional online support for Frequent Asked Questions and queries. It is an ideal method to provide speedy updates of your products and services. There is a huge added value for your team as social media accounts can be monitored 24 by 7


The benefits of Social Media Customer Support include:

  • Online Support
    With increased Online Support you can achieve a more customer centric approach to doing business .
  • Convenience for your customers  
    Providing Social Media Customer Support can offer your customers increased convenience. In turn, this can create brand loyalty and drive sales.
  • Cost Effective Solution
    The cost saving associated with Outsourcing this aspect of your business can be passed onto your customers.
  • Reduced Administrative Headache
    Outsourcing Social Media Customer Support can reduce pressure on your in-house team.
  • Increase customer satisfaction
    Customers are offered increased satisfaction with access to Customer Support across a variety of channels.

24 by 7


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How Social Media Support Works?

First our team meets with your marketing department to better understand your brand values and ethos. Next we connect to your main social media accounts – e.g. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – and monitor incoming customer enquiries and post responses on your behalf. Any positive feedback is amplified and promoted using your network. Negative comments are quickly addressed and reported to your in-house team. All actions are documented and reported timely.

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