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Live Chat Service

Your customers can reach a business representative without leaving your website using our live chat service. One click away, live chat support is available to answer any queries related to product information, sales and after-sales questions. There are multiple benefits of availing of our dedicated web chat service including increase customer satisfaction and decrease shopping cart abandonment.

Increase Sales

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Customer Loyalty & Service


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Increase customer satisfaction



Live Chat Service Benefits

Real time response to any customer surfing your website. Live chat support enables customers with the ability of finding responses to FAQ’s and more complex enquiries without interrupting their buying process. A live chat service benefits the bottom line of your business with cost-benefit.  Having structures in place, your customers will have the reference and quick service response to the many questions they have. High customer satisfaction leads to an increase in your product and service sales.


The benefits of live chat service include:

  • Interactive
    Maintain a constant presence on your website 24 hours a day with our live chat service. Our team will build relationships with your existing and potential customers in real time encouraging sales and improving customer support.
  • Live Convenience
    One click away from all responses to any customer’s questions. With an agent always on and connected, your customers and audiences have the convenience of Live Chat support.
  • Cost Benefit
    No cost associated for your clients while benefiting of dedicated support. Live chat increase your online sales by reducing your shopping cart abandonment. Your Customers will have the ease of contacting you 24 by 7 while giving them the confidence of interacting with an agent through your site.
  • Global Presence
    Having a live chat service for your business allows you to reach both your national and international markets.
  • Relationship & Rapport
    Providing the Live Chat service develops and grows the viability of your customers. While reducing the demands on your telephone answering service – while delivering an engaging and effective platform for your customers.

24 by 7

365 days



How Arema Connects Live Chat Support Service Works

Arema Connect will designate your business with a Key Account Manager who will review your requirements and work with you to identify the best solution.

We will work closely with your IT team to install the Live Chat software code on your website. Then, training will be provided related to your business processes, services and products. We develop a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and the appropriate response to help our staff handle the initial conversations. Proactively, our team will monitor and chat with visitors on your website.

Live chat transcripts are available for quality purposes ensuring accountability of the service provided.

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