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Business Email Services for Customer Support

Cost-effective bespoken Business Email services to answer any questions that your clients may have. 24 hours a day contact center support available through email handling. Our agents support any requirements including information queries, delivery questions, technical product support, order processing and after sales support within agreed timelines.

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Online support



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Online Support


Convenience for your customers


Supports your marketing activities 


Quick response to FAQs


Increase customer satisfaction

Business Email Services Benefits

Using webform or any email software, your customers will be in touch with our team. Quick responses from your business email account will increase customer satisfaction and boost your brand value. Business email services provided by our contact center are a cost-effective solution to increase sales through a quick response.


The benefits of Arema Connect’s Business Email Services include:

  • Online Support

Email handling services offer your customers additional online support. Increase your customer satisfaction reducing the cost handling information queries, delivery queries, product queries, order processing and after sales support.

  • Convenience for your customers

Email handling allows your team to be where your customers are (phone, tablet, desktop, laptop…) and provide them with a convenient channel to access your organization customer support team.

  • Cost-effective solution

Email is a cost-effective solution. It uses an economy of scale approach to reach large volumes of customers using personalized and canned responses.

  • Quick Response to FAQ

 Customers can email in a general query, an automated ticketing response is sent back to the customer`s query. Canned responses can support the response of multiple FAQ’s emails.

  • Increase customer satisfaction

Quick response times turn into the increase in customer satisfaction and sales. No more waiting on the phone for a call center agent response.


24 by 7


365 days





How Arema Connect’s Email Business Service Works

Our team provides you with a dedicated or shared email business service to handle your customers’ queries. A dedicated Key Account Manager will be assigned to your company. After fully understanding your business, the products and services you provide training will be provided to the designated team. We will establish appropriate business logic rules to map out a standard process for handling an email enquiry and increase the speed of response. Typically emails will be related to sales, general questions, order confirmations or IT support.
We will use your chosen email handling software to scan incoming mail and identify keywords or phrases to help identify the appropriate response. Each email is routed to one of your dedicated Arema Connect team and depending on the service level agrement the most appropriate response is sent immediately or within 24 hours

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