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Multichannel Contact Center

Arema Connect provides Multichannel Contact Center services since 2001 from our Irish office. We tailor our customer support solutions to our clients’ requirements. Services are offered to complement your business needs, delivering on a Customer experience beyond a traditional contact center role. Our contact center team provides Omnichannel solutions to many sectors.  We provide more than the ready-made solutions, we achieve complete client satisfaction through our profound know-how.


Multichannel Contact Center with the ability to add additional manpower to meet your businesses fluctuations and growth

Award Winning

Trading since 2001, we are recognized in the contact center industry by the quality of our services and team.


We support your customers through their purchasing journey trough multiple channels. They choose, we respond.

Telephone Answering

Call Management service offered 24 by  7. Additional support for your team during office hours, after hours, holiday cover and much more. We offer a range of call center support to meet your demands merging dedicated and shared agents thus cutting costs for you.

Live Chat

Add a Live Chat on your website to increase your online sales and support customers in real time. Our agents are quick, flexible and knownlegeable.

24 by 7


Multichannel Contact Center


SMS Text Message

Reach multitude of customers at once by sending them SMS text messages. Quick, pain-free and fully accountable service.

Social Media Support

Customer support using your clients’ favourite social media channels. Be part of their social network and improve customer satisfaction while developing your brand personality. We respond to all your customer questions professionally and rapidly.

Email Handling

24 by 7 email handling support. Using personalized and canned responses, our team will quickly reply to all emails received within the agreed parameters. We work with your chosen email software system or in-house systems.

Agent working at our multichannel contact center in Cork

Our team, your team!

At Arema Connect our biggest asset is our employees. Friendly and professional, they are always ready to go that extra mile. From our Irish headquarters, our company serves USA companies to reach Europe and Australasian markets. A dedicated team of 45 contact center agents support telephone, email, live chat and other multichannel requirements. As well as our agents’ team, we have an expert management team whose wealth of experience allows us the deliver results for your business.

Our multichannel contact centre in Cork

Versatile team working with our clients’ preferred CRM systems.

  • 84 Years combined management experience
  • Young dynamic team
  • Owner managed
  • Customer centric
  • Open plan office
  • Infrastructure in place for growth

Value Added

Expansion & Growth potential

Strong Focus on our clients brand values & ethos

Owner managed with lean decision-making process

Strong Management Team with a focus on customer satisfaction

Multilingual support (Spanish, French & German)

Partnership approach with our clients


Customer Relationship Software (CRM)
We have experience using multiple CRM software and collaborate with contact center leading industry suppliers. Additionally, your business can avail of our own shared call center management system. It is a state of the art software developed by our IT team with access to the knowledge management system, our clients’ scripts as well as call logging and reporting tools. Clients can access their call log through our secure website.
Our Telephony System
  • 300 dedicated phone lines
  • 2 Broadband Suppliers
  • Data backed up (In-house and on the Cloud)
  • 2 Telecoms Systems (VOIP & PRA Systems)
  • Disaster Recovery Implementation

telephone system call centre

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