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Here, we can keep you up to date with Contact Center trends, what’s happening in Arema Connect and other related topics. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did writing them!

Customer Support Seasonality: boots and sandals

Customer Support Seasonality means being able to face the needs of your customers whether it is autumn or spring. If you are a shoe retailer, this means that your business may peak during a specific period of the year or that you have to change your selling stock and...

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3 ways to tackle webrooming in your online store

Webrooming is the name given to the growing practice of researching and looking for items online only to buy them afterwards in a brick and mortar store. This way, the customer ends up doing the final evaluation of the product in a physical store. This is mainly due...

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7 Challenges in online shoe retail

In the past few years, consumer spending on footwear has increased steadily, even if the in-store demand continues to be the main choice for the customers. However, online shoe retail accounts for most of the sales’ industry growth. Whereas online sales are still in...

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Another US Customer Support experience for Arema

Recently, two Arema Connect employees, Katherine Sutton -head of HR and Quality Manager- and Jackie Leahy -Key Account Manager- flew over to California to receive US customer support training from our client -which has been with us for four years- in North America....

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