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Market Research


  • Telephone Research
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveying
  • Competitor & Market Research
  • Database Management

Our experience with Market Research Services

We have been providing outsourced telephone research and support Market Research services to our clients. We offer customer support services to many market research, including stand alone projects. Our activities are done on behalf of many National and International Market research agencies through Outbound. Some of our activities range from; Customer Satisfaction Telephone Surveys, Product / Service Interaction & Field Research.

Our Client in Market Research 

On behalf of our our client, we provide outsourced Market Research for one of Ireland’s largest Financial Institutions. Our services have been developed to delivering a results driven response, by offering a comprehensive suite of both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, and is wholly owned by its management team. Arema Connect deliver telephone research services through a dedicated team of trained customer service agents for this Client. We achieve a high response rate by carrying out the activities through our dedicated relationship management system, carried out over our Integrated telephony networks.

Our Market Research services

We provide a range of Outbound Market research services for many research projects. We carryout Outbound calls through a CRM account platform, through integrations with our clients platforms. Data Management is a fundamental element of our market research activities.

We provide the client with:

Fulfill Project Scope
Through our dedicated agents, we carryout many market research approached to Customer Satisfaction analysis, Prior, Post and where necessary – during particular campaigns. Our team provide outbound services, ranging in several methodologies.
Provide Valuable Information
Through both Qualitative and Quantitative research, we acquire the specific response rates through Customer engagement, by delivering on:

  • Unbiased Market Research
  • Non Judgmental Approach
  • Adhering to Ethical Standards
  • Relevant Codes of Conduct
Effective Delivery
Delivering Market research services, we achieve project completion on direction of our clients needs. Through ongoing communication for the project, we exchange feedback to our clients highlighting many areas of challenges, such as pain points during the process – resulting in elimination of futile Sample results. Through our reporting feedback processes – we asses project performance in a thorough and coherent response.
Data Protection

With strict adherence to data protection regulations, we are fully compliant with regard to Confidentiality, free from any disclosures to a third-party about about projects. We have the correct procedures in place to comply with the GDPR framework of regulation.

  • Data Security
  • Data Integrity & Privacy
  • Correct Information Collection Protocols
Assistance in Survey Design
For greater Survey results to be achieved – we carry out several stages of Pre survey testing. This eliminates points of failure within the conduct of survey delivery – and in-turn, allows for adjustments to be made where necessary. This mode of action helps our clients reduces administrative and back office resources in fulfilling Market research.

Case Study Results

We have been working with this particular for the past five years. With this collaboration we deliver on project delivery with regard to many systems of framework, with regard to quality of delivery and deadlines.


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Market Research

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