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Here, you can expand your knowledge and expertise in the call centre and customer service industry. Our blogs are informative and full of examples. You will learn the latest trends in the contact centre world, how to improve customer satisfaction & sales, and what is our team up to. Have fun!

The benefits of an Inbound Order Line

If you want to increase your sales, you should make it easy for your buyers. You should consider having a 24/7 inbound order line. This is a phone number where your customers can call day or night to place an order. Nowadays, online shopping allows customers to place...

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Data Entry tips: improve speed and accuracy

Data entry or data input can be a tedious job for your team, but with our data entry tips, you can improve your speed and accuracy. Despite we are moving to a digitalised society, there are still numerous scenarios where manual data entry is required. For example,...

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Employee Satisfaction Survey 2018

How the employee feels about working at Arema Connect? What issues they have? What can we improve? That’s what we asked to our employees. We conducted an employee satisfaction survey in August and now we have all results. Great results, of course, that encouraged us...

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Arema Connect Accelerates Cork Jobs Investment

Arema Connect are set to expand their Customer Service supports to clients operating within eCommerce. the creation of a further 20 new positions to the growing workforce is set to begin with a recruitment drive, in time for the busy customer service support season

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Building a customer centric organisation

What is customer-centricity ? Customer-centricity, as a term, first trended when businesses started using customer relationship management (CRM). The Oxford dictionary suggests "It is designed to keep customers happy by finding out what they want and dealing with...

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