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Here, you can expand your knowledge and expertise in the call center and customer service industry. Our blogs are informative and full of examples. You will learn the latest trends in the contact centre world, how to improve customer satisfaction & sales, and what is our team up to. Have fun!

Arema Connect Accelerates Cork Jobs Investment

MEDIA RELEASE Blackpool, Cork, Ireland - October 2018 Arema Connect today announces the creation of a further 20 customer service positions to their expanded operations. In addition to their recently announced creation of 40 jobs last August, which have been filled -...

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Building a customer centric organisation

What is customer-centricity ? Customer-centricity, as a term, first trended when businesses started using customer relationship management (CRM). The Oxford dictionary suggests "It is designed to keep customers happy by finding out what they want and dealing with...

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Managing your Contact Centre team like a Soccer Team

Another Year of world cup fever is truly underway, and undoubtedly some of the world’s finest team scorers outshine themselves to the Playoffs. As teams stubble and fumble. The same attitude is true for Customer Contact Centers. If you have an experienced team on the...

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Contact Centre Fundraising – Wear Red Day

Contact Centre fundraising is becoming more popular. Many organisations are starting to give back to society and raise funds for many worthy causes. Recently, we came across the Kiss Good to MS Campaign and we wanted to get involved. What is MS? Multiple Sclerosis is...

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