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Welcome to our Call Centre blog!

Here, you can expand your knowledge and expertise in the call centre and customer service industry. Our blogs are informative and full of examples. You will learn the latest trends in the contact centre world, how to improve customer satisfaction & sales, and what is our team up to. Have fun!

How to measure customer satisfaction?

Customer-centric organizations measure customer satisfaction in order to improve service delivered and team performance. Arema Connect has been providing customer satisfaction surveying services for over 10 years. From our experience, we describe in this blog 'How can...

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How is impacting GDPR in Market Research?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) had an impact on all sectors and businesses sizes. The regulation implemented on the 25th of May 2018 has changed the way in which many organization operate. Better measures are now in place to protect customers' data and...

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Do I need an Outsourced Receptionist?

Nowadays, many businesses don't operate in traditional office settings and need additional support without financially committing to a full time, on-site assistant / team member. However, it is common knowledge that a missed call can be a missed opportunity....

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Call Centre and Interaction Diagram

In this blog, we explore how Interaction Diagrams can be used by your company before using a Call Centre as an outsourcer provider. What is an interaction diagram? First, it is relevant to define 'interaction diagram'. They are models used in computing to describe how...

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Phonetic Alphabet in our Call Centre in Ireland

A few years ago, we published a blog entitled "NATO phonetic alphabet – Alpha Bravo Charlie" which provided you with an overview of the phonetic alphabet that we use in our Irish Call Centre. This alphabet is broadly used in the contact centre industry to support...

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Case Study: Employees’ Support Line

Employees' Support Line - Healthcare provider Our team is providing after-hours and overflow employees' support line to this client since 2015. They are a national healthcare provider that support people with limited mobility through carers home visits. As the...

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Teatime with a twist for the Arema Connect Team

Vintage Tea Tours first spin Leeside Yesterday, our team got the pleasure of trialing Vintage Tea Tours first spin Leeside. The Dublin tour operator is looking to expand it's services into Cork in the coming months. Participants get to take in the city landmarks while...

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Welcome to Arema Connect

Welcome to our 24/7 Contact Centre. Our award-winning multi-channel contact offers Multichannel and market research services to many clients in Ireland and the US. Our agents and technology allow us to lead the way in providing practical solutions and excellent...

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