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Welcome to our Call Centre blog!

Here, you can expand your knowledge and expertise in the call centre and customer service industry. Our blogs are informative and full of examples. You will learn the latest trends in the contact centre world, how to improve customer satisfaction & sales, and what is our team up to. Have fun!

How a Contact Centre can help your Sales Team?

Far away are the days were a contact centre provided just call centre services. Now, a new range of services is available to companies who decide to benefit of economy of scale and integrate a third-party business outsourcer as part of their operations. In this blog,...

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Information Packs and Brochure Management

Your marketing efforts or operations can involve sending clients and potential clients information packs and brochures. While the number is small, an in-house team can easily manage; however, if your projections include thousands of personalised letters and brochures...

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Staff Awards Night 2019

On Friday last, our Annual Staff Awards Night and Quiz took place in Soho- Bar and Restaurant. The Quiz... As always, the staff quiz was as competitive as ever. Teams were challenged on their General Knowledge, Pop Culture and even knowledge of Arema Connect. All...

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Reference Checks: Human Resources Case Study

Human Resources Contact Centre Support Our team provides support to this recruitment agency to perform reference checks of candidates. Our client is a leading recruitment agency in USA which performs large recruitment campaigns for the private and public sector. As...

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How to measure customer satisfaction?

Customer-centric organizations measure customer satisfaction in order to improve service delivered and team performance. Arema Connect has been providing customer satisfaction surveying services for over 10 years. From our experience, we describe in this blog 'How can...

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How is impacting GDPR in Market Research?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) had an impact on all sectors and businesses sizes. The regulation implemented on the 25th of May 2018 has changed the way in which many organization operate. Better measures are now in place to protect customers' data and...

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