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On Tuesday the 28th of November,  Marketing Executive, Edel Twomey and Customer Support Agent, Martina Henkel attended the Psyched Seminar titled, ´Thriving Minds: Nurturing Mental Wellness in the Workplace’ at the Silver Springs Events Hall, hosted by Psyched Workplace an initiative that Arema Connect has a strong relationship with. The event provided attendees with valuable insights into the ways both employers and employees can incorporate mental well-being or happiness initiatives into their daily work lives. With presentations from Dr Jane Burke, Senior Lecturer of Economics at UCC, Biddy O’Neill, National Policy Lead for Healthy Ireland and Nic Marks, CEO and Founder of Friday Pulse, an organisation that tracks employee happiness, helping businesses build a positive and productive work culture. The seminar acted as a powerful toolbox, equipping attendees with tools to encourage a healthier work environment both professionally and personally. 

At this seminar, we learned that over 70% of employers acknowledge mental health in the workplace. While this is undoubtedly a positive figure, the reality is that there is still a significant 20% or more who are yet to embrace the importance of mental well-being in professional settings. This realisation was brought to light during a thought-provoking presentation by Nic Marks, creator of the ‘5 ways to Well-being’, (i) Connect, (ii) Be Active, (iii) Take Notice, (iv) Keep Learning and (v) Give. Nic emphasised the importance of team relationships and how they play in the success of any organisation. Nic highlighted that the key to a functioning workplace lies in ensuring the happiness of both employees and employers. The correlation between a positive work environment and organisational success cannot be overstated, it’s about creating a holistic and supportive atmosphere that nurtures the well-being or happiness of everyone involved. As Dr Jane Burke shared, ‘The workplace is an important setting where actions can be taken to promote and protect mental health’. (McDaid 2022)

The Psyched Workplace seminar wasn’t just an opportunity for individuals to gain knowledge, it was a chance for companies to make a tangible commitment to the mental well-being of their staff. The significance of such initiatives becomes even more apparent when we consider the 20% of employers who have yet to fully embrace this crucial aspect of workplace culture. 

At the seminar, we had the opportunity to delve into discussions at the Q&A with the panel of experts and we also attended a workshop where we got a deeper understanding of the factors relating to healthy habit formation along with developing and maintaining desired habits long-term. A tip that we could all take away from this workshop is to reflect on existing unwanted behaviour and take steps on how to change this. For example, if you find yourself scrolling through your phone late at night, put your phone in a place where it will inconvenience you to get it back. It’s easier said than done but definitely worth a try. 

Some of the initiatives that Arema Connect have in place currently include the following: 

  1. Implementing work-life balance initiatives to support employee wellbeing such as the hybrid working model. 
  2. Monthly newsletter for internal updates, this is to ensure constant communication is maintained with the entire team by keeping them up to date with monthly news. 
  3. Providing opportunities for career development and growth to keep employees motivated and invested in their roles – Progression opportunities including promotions to management and team leader positions and a comprehensive training program.
  4. Team Lunches. 
  5. Staff parties during the summer and winter periods. 
  6. Charity days in the office. 

For those eager to explore further, the Psyched Workplace seminar offers a wealth of resources and information on their website – It serves as a hub for individuals and companies to deepen their understanding of mental well-being practices and explore ways to implement them in the workplace. We are looking forward to attending more workshops in the future and aim to implement initiatives within Arema Connect in the near future.