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Effective communication with your customers is paramount for building long-lasting and high-quality relationships that will contribute to driving success within your organisation. We are seeing an ever-growing and increasingly popular strategy for enhancing customer experience, this strategy is ‘Bulk SMS’ and more specifically, outsourcing your bulk SMS service. Organisations like yours are discovering that partnering with outsourcing specialists who provide a bulk SMS service brings a host of advantages that not only streamline communication but also lead to improved customer satisfaction. In this blog, we will explore the key advantages of utilising a bulk SMS service and what it can do for your organisation;

1. Expertise and Efficiency: Outsourcing a bulk SMS service provides your organisation with access to specialists who manage high-quality SMS campaigns. These specialists understand the degree of SMS delivery, including factors such as message formatting and character limitations. The specialist will ensure that messages are optimised for delivery and compliance with regulations, reducing the chances of messages failing to reach your customers. Bulk SMS service specialists often employ advanced technologies and best practices to maximise the speed and reliability of message delivery, saving your organisation time and effort. The SMS outcome will then be recorded on a report, i.e. sent, delivered and undelivered. Arema Connect uses an online platform Sendmode to carry out bulk SMS on behalf of our clients. Sendmode provides a safe and secure space to, send bulk texts, store data securely, store SMS templates, and generate real-time pie charts/reports on productivity. Sendmode’s data servers are located within the EU and are ISO 27001 Certified ensuring data security at all times. We can work with you to develop a preapproved 160-character text message that speaks to your target market

2.Scalability: SMS enables you to reach large databases of customers seamlessly, whether it’s a small-scale or large-scale messaging campaign. Flexibility is particularly advantageous during seasonal fluctuations or when responding to sudden market changes. Outsourced providers can quickly adapt to handle increased messaging lists and segments, ensuring that communication remains seamless and uninterrupted without the need for your organisation to invest in additional infrastructure or resources.

3.Personalisation: Outsourcing bulk SMS services often includes access to tools and features that enable organisations like yours, to personalise messages for individual recipients or specific groups. This can include addressing customers by name, tailoring messages based on their activity or sending targeted content that aligns with customer preferences. For example, updates relating to a sale on a specific product or a change in time for an appointment. Personalised SMS messages enhance the customer experience by making customers feel valued and understood, increasing the likelihood of positive responses and conversations.

4.24×7 solutions: Bulk SMS messaging campaigns can (i) be scheduled and (ii) reach many different markets regardless of timezone. This level of support instills confidence in your organisation, knowing that you have a reliable outsourcing partner to troubleshoot and resolve any SMS-related issues promptly.

5.Serves a variety of needs: By now, we know that incorporating bulk SMS messaging into your strategy has many advantages, what people may not be aware of is that it can serve a variety of needs across the board, such as:

Promotional campaigns:

  • Advise customers of sales and discounts on products and services that your customer is interested in. 
  • Share updates on event promotions to assist with ticket sales

Operational Updates:

  • Update customers on changes with opening hours.
  • Update an individual if there is a time change for an appointment.

Surveying and feedback:

  • Gather further insights for your organisation by carrying out surveys with your customers. This will give you a deeper insight into what your customers need and will improve your overall customer experience. 

Incorporating these key advantages into an outsourced bulk SMS strategy not only improves the efficiency and effectiveness of messaging campaigns but also contributes significantly to enhancing the overall customer experience. Reach out to us today by email for more information, at