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Recently, while strolling the streets of sunny Nice, I came across a very clever advertisement by a renowned French poultry brand. The poster pictured a hen laying an egg and the simple caption “But does ChatGPT know how to do this?… Stay Natural”. This cleverly crafted campaign not only caught my attention but also served as the spark that ignited the idea for this blog post. In a world slowly becoming more and more influenced by automation and artificial intelligence (AI) the human touch and “staying natural” take on heightened importance. Within the business landscape, AI has undeniably revolutionised operations. More specifically in the contact centre sector, AI-driven innovations such as automated live chat responses streamlining agent tasks. Yet, amidst these advancements and the evolving business environment the irreplaceable value of the human touch becomes more and more evident.



 At the heart of customer service lies a simple truth and that is that customers crave a personalised experience, a crucial element of a contact centre agent’s role which cannot be programmed. AI falls short in its inability to replicate the unique human skill of tailoring the customer experience to suit each individual customer while keeping in mind their preferences, past interactions, and queries. A genuine person-to-person connection fosters loyalty and trust. It is through these human interactions that customers feel seen and understood, leading to increased customer retention and an enriched experience. Truly, the activity of relationship building relies heavily on nuanced communication and personality, elements that remain elusive to even the most advanced code. Furthermore, dedicated agents who are experts in their role can provide updates to customers on ongoing issues, sparing customers the frustration of reiterating concerns and preventing them from becoming trapped in an endless spiral of chatbots and automated emails. In essence, it’s the human touch and the aspect of personalisation that underscore a brand’s commitment to exceptional service. When businesses demonstrate that they value their customer, they cultivate both heightened customer satisfaction and a positive brand image.  


Emotional intelligence and empathy

Human’s innate capacity to empathise goes hand in hand with the ability to provide a perfected personalised experience. Empathy is a cornerstone of building lasting relationships and once again helps foster that vital B2C connection. Unlike automated systems, humans can deliver a more bonded customer experience thanks to the ability to recognise conversational cues, as well as grasp tone and urgency. More importantly, humans possess the insight to gauge a customer’s emotional state. By combining all of these elements, a skilled agent can craft responses that match the mood and needs of the conversation. Especially in situations involving sensitive matters or vulnerable customers, the calming and sincere touch of a human voice proves invaluable. Delivering outstanding customer service requires understanding not just the technical aspects of a customer’s query but also the underlying emotional needs. There is no algorithm for empathy and emotional intelligence, the simple solution is the human touch. 



Stuck to a script, AI is limited and can only deliver trained responses. When complex queries arise and an alternative solution needs to be found, thinking outside the box is not an option for AI-trained systems. These systems operate solely within their programmed boundaries. In contrast, the vast spectrum of human experience enriches our understanding, enabling us to navigate grey areas and complicated queries with ease. Humans possess the innate ability to spot intertwining issues and provide constructive solutions. Unlike AI, agents can think on their feet and make executive decisions in unpredictable scenarios.


Expanding on the topic of adaptability, we must acknowledge that in comparison to AI, humans possess greater linguistic flexibility. Agents can easily adjust their language’s formality or complexity to resonate with the caller. They can simplify their speech or dilute their accents, especially when interacting with someone for whom English isn’t their native language. Circling back to empathy, in this case, the caller can be reassured they are being understood. AI is advancing quickly, but can it keep up with how quickly language changes? The use of slang and colloquial terms in interactions in a contact centre role is to be expected and staying up to date with ever-evolving lingo is difficult for humans let alone for AI systems. That’s not even considering the aspect of accents. Looking at the plethora of accents from Ireland alone, AI has a lot to learn. 


Although AI is advancing rapidly, we are confident that the power of human connection will prevail. Our client accounts have reaped significant benefits by retaining human-driven customer services, from fostering customer loyalty and operational efficiency to enhancing satisfaction, retention, and even facilitating increased sales through upselling. All factors considered, humans embody a brand and deliver customer service in a way that AI cannot replace.


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