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At Arema Connect we foster a methodology of giving back to the community. Throughout the year we donate to different charities. This month we donated €1500 to Star Rescue, a Limerick-based non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing and rehoming animals in need. 


Our donation will go a long way in supporting the invaluable work carried out by Star Rescue in providing care, shelter, and medical assistance to vulnerable animals, with the ultimate goal of finding their forever home. The donation will directly contribute to funding essential supplies and other critical resources necessary to ensure the well-being of the rescued animals under Star Rescue’s care. 


To mark this special event, Chris and Naomi from Star Rescue visited our offices to receive our donation. They were accompanied by 6 rescue dogs  – (Peggy, Kevin, Perry, Tootsie, Freya and Diego). One of the older dogs, Peggy, who has diabetes, was recently rescued after being abandoned on Commons Road. 


“We are truly grateful for this generous donation from Arema Connect. Currently, we are rescuing animals every day so this donation will support us to continue rescuing abandoned animals. We recently found a forever home for Lucy with the support of Katherine Sutton who works at Arema Connect so we are very grateful to have built a strong relationship with the company.” Chris, Star Rescue 


Visit from our friends at Star Rescue - Arema Connect


“We are delighted to donate €1,500 to Star Rescue and support their incredible work in rescuing and rehabilitating animals. Having seen Lucy, (a rescue dog) it was an easy donation to make and being from Limerick myself made it easier!!” Pat Keogh, Managing Director, Arema Connect

A huge thank you Chris and Naomi for taking the time to visit our offices. If you would be interested in making a donation visit Star Rescue HERE