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Working as a Customer Support Agent in Arema Connect is both an exciting and challenging experience, consisting of days brimming with satisfaction and a genuine sense of fulfilment in your daily tasks. I worked in Arema Connect as a Customer Support Agent from 2019 until 2021 and I am happy to be making my return here once again ! The role of an agent at Arema Connect revolutionises the monotonous contact centre clichés by providing each team member with a diverse range of daily tasks and responsibilities in a friendly, dynamic, and ever evolving work environment. 


Rise and Grind: The Morning Routine

I arrive at my desk, log in to my laptop, and ensure all equipment is functioning optimally, then I am ready to dive into the productive day that lies ahead. Whether I am in the office or working remotely, setting up my workstation involves logging on to our call logging systems as well as some of our client companies’ systems to prepare for inbound calls. But before taking my first call, I check my inbox. Checking emails is an essential part of my morning ritual as staying informed about our client accounts and their customers is key to providing the best service. Staying up to date with policy and procedure changes, client updates, and general company communications is crucial to efficiently managing customer queries and ensuring high quality service is delivered time and time again. 


Multitasking Magic of a customer support agent 

Headset on, it’s go time! The first call holds the power to set the tone of the day, making it vital to approach each inquiry with a positive attitude right from the outset. By maintaining this mindset, we can create a harmonious and enhanced customer experience, not only laying the groundwork for a successful interaction, but also leaving a lasting impression with the customer on behalf of our client accounts. 

As the day progresses, the multitasking magic comes alive as a steady stream of calls, emails, and live chat interactions start pouring in. Switching roles quicker than you can say “Hold please”, I take messages, transfer calls, send emails, and escalate inquiries as well as completing additional administrative tasks. The skills of adaptability and attention to detail allow me to juggle this array of responsibilities, navigate CRM systems, and handle customer inquiries while exuding professionalism and poise. 

Excellent communication skills are central to a successful work day.  Active listening and articulating information clearly to customers allow me to identify customer needs and provide the right solutions. These abilities play a key role in establishing rapport with customers ensuring a successful interaction. 


Elevating Excellence Through Continuous Learning

Engaging in training and continuous learning are essential to my development as an agent to provide first contact resolution and swiftly resolve customer queries. Frequent comprehensive sessions conducted by team leaders help me understand the client company’s background, procedures, and expectations allowing me to handle customer queries efficiently. I also receive regular feedback regarding my performance allowing me to focus on my areas for improvement and build my skills giving me the confidence and competence to perform my job. 


Evidently, teamwork is a vital part of the learning process here in Arema Connect. Arema Connect fosters an environment where questions are encouraged and always warmly received by team members and management. I am in constant communication with my teammates throughout the day, both answering and asking questions, and developing our shared knowledge which has also certainly contributed to the great sense of camaraderie among staff members. Furthermore, this open communication business model means that highlighting issues and suggestions is welcomed by management. With that in mind, my daily routine involves keeping note of any trends or problems that may arise and reporting to my supervisor accordingly. 



With that, I hope I have tackled the common misconceptions of the role of an agent in a contact centre and unveiled the dynamic and rewarding daily routine of a Customer Support Agent  in Arema Connect. From mastering the management of emergency situations to finally learning the correct spelling of Dún Laoghaire (Although maybe don’t check my call logs just in case) I have earned a wealth of skills and knowledge that facilitate connections between our client companies and their customers. Arema Connect has a truly positive work culture supported by excellent perks and an amazing management team and I am delighted to be back in my headset at Arema Connect! 

If this blog post has appealed to you and you are interested in joining the team at Arema Connect as a Customer Support Agent, we would love to hear from you. Available positions can be found here.



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