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As we know outsourcing your customer support can have huge benefits as we can see in our previous blog, The Benefits of Outsourcing your Customer Support. What are the signals to look out for when it might be worth considering outsourcing?  The factors to consider would be business growth which leads to your own staff having more responsibilities and less time in addition to skillset gaps. Outsourcing can free up your own staff to concentrate on what they are good at and provide them with specialised support in other areas such as IT and potentially lead to better and more efficient business practices.  At Arema Connect we think there are a few significant triggers to consider when outsourcing customer support. 

Here are our 5 Signs it’s time to outsource your customer support


  • Tighter Budgets – Outsourcing your customer support can prove to be a more cost-effective solution to providing support to your customers. If budgets are getting tighter, outsourcing may be an effective way to reduce costs. Outsourcing reduces the need to recruit, hire and train an in-house team which leads to a huge cost savings. 
  • Business Growth – If you have an international customer base, or are selling online with increasing sales while struggling to keep up with the demand then outsourcing may be the option for you. Outsourcing can be tailored to your needs while complementing your in-house operations, all the while you stay in control.  All solutions are tailored to your needs including office hours, out-of-hours and seasonal support models. 
  • You would like to broaden your offerings through services or operating hours – If you would like to broaden your customer support in an efficient way – it might be time to start outsourcing. In some instances, businesses don’t have the knowledge in-house to develop a multichannel solution with a cross-channel trained team. We offer services to our clients through several channels, including Telephone Answering, Email, Live Chat and Market Research and on a 24x7x365 basis.
  • Your employees are performing too many tasks – At times you may find that employees are performing more tasks than they essentially should be or are qualified to do – outsourcing tasks that employees are not qualified to do can improve the efficiency throughout the organisation. 
  • Finding the right talent is proving difficult – Hiring and retaining talent with the right skills can prove difficult, especially in certain industries. Sometimes businesses can face challenges in recruiting staff for seasonal contracts to meet increasing demands around peak periods. Outsourcing reduces the need for you to worry about recruitment, onboarding and training new employees, which are huge factors to consider. 


Channels Your Company Should Consider Using 


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