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Social Media Day is marked on the 30th of June each year. The day itself is to celebrate the world of Social Media and the many relationships built using the most popular platforms, including – Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp to name but a few. 


According to Hootsuite, over 4.62 billion people across the world use social media. With this in mind, social media has become an integral part of the way brands communicate and engage with their customers.  The continuous development of new social platforms is giving businesses more chances than ever to sell, serve and assist their customers.


Organisations use social media to create a competitive edge to stand out from the crowd in more saturated markets – “The way you treat your users or customers, and how you personally present yourself through social media, is a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.” — Alexis Ohanian, Reddit Cofounder 


In recent years, many companies have opted to use social media not just for marketing and sales but for customer support. In fact, Hubspot has noted that answering a social media complaint can increase customer advocacy by as much as 25%, WOW! Social media support offers endless benefits in an extremely cost-effective manner.  Check out the video below for more on Social Media Day 2022 – 



Here at Arema Connect, we are continuously adapting our services to best meet the needs of our clients. In 2015 with the growing popularity of social channels,  we introduced Social Media Support to our service portfolio. Since then we have managed clients’ social media accounts to proactively enhance the customer experience.  

In our opinion, the more channels of communication the better and social media support will complement the more traditional methods of customer support (phone, email, webchat) while also catering for all age groups. Our team act as watchdogs by searching mentions of your brand and products from outside your account.  If you would like to find out more about how we can manage your social media customer support strategy chat to us today –