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Arema Connect considers the market research division to be a core sector of our business. Over the last 20 years, we have worked with clients developing bespoke solutions and gaining valuable information that our clients can use to improve their customer engagement experience.


Our team has extensive experience in delivering field research on behalf of our clients by telephone and email to give our clients true insights into their industry, customers, and employees.


Arema Connect’s Market Research Portfolio includes –

Market Research Services at Arema Connect

Employee Satisfaction Surveying – Surveying past and present employees to ensure you get the best possible picture of employees’ situations and satisfaction.


Customer Satisfaction – This is the process of collecting customer feedback to measure customer satisfaction on behalf of our clients. This allows our clients to stay engaged with their customers and tailor future campaigns


Opinion Polls – Undertaking field research in order to gauge the atmosphere in relation to a specific topic.


New Product Development Surveying – This is the process of researching a specific market to help organisations understand what their potential and current customers think of their products/services.


Newmarket Feasibility Research – Analysing new market ventures by conducting research on different target markets and groups.


Database Management & Cleaning – By their nature databases of clients and potential clients are continuously changing and they need to be routinely cleaned and updated so that they can be mined for marketing campaigns.


Our market research service is an ever-changing and exciting sector for Arema Connect. Each client has unique drivers and we have tailored the service over the last 20 years with bespoke solutions. We handle both one-off, ad hoc projects and ongoing projects


Outsourcing your market research services comes with many benefits, including –

  • Objectivity – The use of a third party ensures objectivity in the data collection process. Our agents are familiar with the process of gathering information and ensuring the highest level of integrity is remained throughout the campaign. 


  • Experienced Work Force – Our team are experienced in working on different categories of Market Research projects across several sectors.


  • Confidentiality – We ensure full compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at all times. In addition, our organisation is certified with the ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security Management. All of our systems are robust and audited to a high standard ensuring our clients’ data is protected.


  • Set-Up Speed – We have the ability to quickly ramp up your project to hit tight deadlines. We take a flexible approach to managing all projects on behalf of our clients. In relation to a Product Recall project, it needs to have a quick ramp-up time and the entire process audit-proof. 


  • Cost-effective Solution – We can help you design and deliver economically sound outbound calling campaigns, whatever your research requirements.


  • 24x7x365 – Operating on a 24×7 basis enables us to support Market Research projects across several markets.


  • Onboarding – Our onboarding process is a seamless and bespoke procedure for all clients. We work with our clients to deliver a solutions-driven approach, we are committed to delivering all projects in a timely manner to support our clients and their service objectives.

Onboarding & Service Delivery Plan - Market Research - Arema Connect


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