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Ireland may be a small country but we have so much to offer as a partner and supplier. From our highly educated workforce to our pro-business environment, we have it all and Arema Connect is very proud to be an Irish owned and managed company. So why partner with an Irish supplier?


  1. English Speaking

The Irish are very proud of our native Irish tongue, however, we are predominantly an English speaking country. In fact, we are one of the only native English speaking countries in the Eurozone. Making Irish Outsourcers an extremely favourable partner for Customer Support Services globally. 


    2. Pro-Business Environment

Ireland is an open and pro-business environment which makes it an attractive and stable place to do business. Some of the world’s largest multi-national companies chose Ireland as a base for their European headquarters. 


   3. One of the Customer Experience capitals of the world

According to Enterprise Ireland, our green Isle is globally recognised as one of the key Customer Experience capitals of the world. This is primarily due to Irish organisations prioritising, investing and embracing leading-edge technologies to drive efficiency and deliver customer experience excellence.


    4. Location 

Ireland is one of the most open and globally connected countries, with close ties to Europe and the USA, allowing entry to the largest markets in the world.


    5. Highly educated workforce 

Ireland has a world-renowned education system that kick starts successful careers. We rank highly for quality education across Europe. This means that Irish companies have a unique advantage in sourcing and retaining top talent as reported by Enterprise Ireland


At Arema Connect we specialise in customer conversations via voice, email and digital channels for both national and international clients. Operating on a 24×7 basis and having a pool of multilingual speakers enables us to support our clients’ customers around the world. If you would like to find out more get in touch with us today – via or our contact us form here.