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A Customer Service Strategy is defined as a detailed plan which outlines how an organisation deals with customer interactions. A Customer Service Strategy is one of the most important strategies in any organisation and sets the grounding for great service and allows your brand to reap many rewards including  – 


  • Boosting sales by attracting new customers;
  • Increasing  customer loyalty & retention;
  • Enhancing your brand’s image.


Arema Connect’s tips for creating a top-class Customer Service Strategy – 


Define your Customer Service vision –  All of the greatest strategies need a vision. Some organisations create a standalone vision for all things Customer Service which further conveys its importance to both employees and customers alike.  To do so set out ideals and hopes for the Customer Service Strategy by incorporating the organisations’ values and principles. Another important ingredient is the organisation’s Customer Service standards. This vision sets the tone for the strategy to follow. At Arema Connect, our vision is to provide our clients with the highest quality service and a personal touch.


Set goals –  The most effective strategies always set out goals to work towards and achieve. Make these goals specific, challenging and measurable, some examples include – 

  • Increase customer satisfaction;
  • Improve customer loyalty;
  • Boost sales.

It’s important to apply a quantitive measure beside each goal so you can easily track it and share the progress and results with your team. Another important point to note is to make these goals align with your business objectives, this will further enhance results across the organisation. 


Adopt a People-First ApproachAdopting a People First approach, in your organisation, will benefit and transpose throughout your Customer Service Strategy.  In the words of Herb Kelleher (Co-Founder of Southwest Airlines) “Hire for Attitude, Train for Skills. Building a people-first mentality starts from the initial recruiting and onboarding of new employees. Lead from the top by placing an emphasis on building human connections rather than simply focusing on return on investment.  We focus on building a collaborative culture for our employees through our employee wellbeing programme, team lunches and prominence on progression opportunities. By valuing our people the service delivered to our client’s customers is enhanced.


Map your Customer’s Journey By mapping your typical customer’s journey you can establish where customers are more likely to need support and the touchpoints that they most commonly use, of course, this applies to both, in-store and online experiences.  This allows you to highlight further factors such as customers’ needs at each stage of their journey.


Equip your team Give your team the necessary tools to best equip them to support your most valuable asset – your customers. Here at Arema Connect, we place an emphasis on providing new recruits with a comprehensive training programme. Our Team Leaders use several methods of training including – 

  • On the job and classroom-based training;
  • Dual call listening;
  • Role-playing.

Of course, training needs to be supported by a number of tools and resources for seamless service delivery. These tools include a Customer Relationship Management System, detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to resolve customer queries efficiently and these should be easily accessible and housed in an Internal Knowledge Base Management system. By doing so you can greatly improve waiting times and place more of an emphasis on First Contact Resolution (FCR). 


Gather feedback Feedback can be used to shape and adjust your Customer Service Strategy accordingly. Customers and members of your frontline team can offer you invaluable insights and feedback. Firstly members of your team are experts in representing your brand, they have the inside track in the breakdowns of the most common queries that your customers face and with this, they can identify areas that require attention and subsequent improvement. Our frontline team have access to an online feedback form, where they can offer suggestions on ways to streamline any processes on our various client accounts. Any trends are highlighted with our clients in real-time such as delivery issues relating to a specific warehouse.  Your customers can provide you with unbiased feedback from their various experiences. Feedback can be seamlessly gathered from in-store comment cards or follow up customer satisfaction surveys. 



With the age of the customer upon us, it’s more important than ever to develop and implement a top class Customer Service Strategy. If you would like to find out how Arema Connect can support your Customer Service Strategy get in touch with us today via