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2021 has been full of peaks and valleys at Arema Connect. While of course 2021 came with its challenges and yet again another year full of uncertainties – we have gained an invaluable amount of experience along the way. The last 12 months have brought with it many milestones, successes and weeks of working from home.


Arema Connect turned 20 in 2021. We were delighted to celebrate 20 years in business which is a huge milestone for any organisation. Growing from a two-person operation to becoming an established outsourcing provider for industry-leading international and domestic brands has been a phenomenal journey.


Arema Connect is thrilled to have been recertified with all of our ISO’s in 2021 – ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security Management, ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management and ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management. Our ISOs allow us to continually develop and implement new processes and procedures throughout the entire organisation.


In June 2021, we further expanded our organisation by getting the keys to our 5th office space in Blackpool, Co.Cork. This is our fourth office located in the Atrium Building which further enhances collaboration across each of our teams. This will allow us to continue to support our client’s various growth strategies and ambitions.


Last year we teamed up with two fellow Cork-based organisations, Fuzion Communications and Isla Media to showcase the fantastic collaborative environment in which we operate each and every day. At Arema Connect we are extremely proud of where we work and who we work with so we wanted to showcase this – take a look HERE


We are continually striving to streamline processes here at Arema by implementing new systems, applications and procedures. Recently, Arema Connect has installed a new Time & Attendance software system. This enables Team Leaders to schedule work patterns for their team, based on Client requirements, predicted volumes, and our service level agreements. Our new system has aided our Management to greatly streamline many Human Resource (HR) related processes to enhance efficiencies.


Remote working is here to stay at Arema Connect, with our staff enabled to work from home, work from the office or use a hybrid model. We have invested heavily to make our cloud-based systems secure for remote working and in turn, the benefits have been enormous. Our service level has been enhanced as our team can be more flexible with their working hours and as a result, our clients have greatly benefited. Overall, remote working is a win-win for everyone, remote Working has had a major positive impact on our industry.


We at Arema Connect look forward to all the successes that are to come throughout 2022!