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As many employees have begun their return to on-site offices, organisations now have to embrace the ever-changing working environments. Different working environments may suit different people, jobs and responsibilities so it is vital that management take such differences into account. Remote and hybrid working models are here to stay!


According to flexible working conditions is the second most important tool for retaining employees long term. With this in mind, we all know it is much more cost-effective to retain employees than to onboard new employees so machanisms for retaining employees are essential in today’s working world.


Hybrid working is a blend of office and remote working. The best of both worlds, many might say. Remote working is usually home working but can be done from any location other than the organisations’ office (most of the time). This allows employees to work from home while keeping physical social interactions when entering the office space.


Prior to the pandemic, you could argue that organisations that offered remote and hybrid working were certainly more progressive organisations. Now, it is essential for hybrid and remote working to be offered and it is not going anywhere any time soon.


It has been over a year and a half since most organisations globally adopted a remote working model. Now as the world returns to normal and office life begins to resume, a hybrid model is fastly becoming the most attractive model to most organisations (and individuals).

At Arema Connect we strive to ensure that employees have the option and flexibility to work a hybrid model if desired. This can support employees to strike the right balance between remote work and office-based life.


Our employee wellbeing strategy is continuously reviewed to promote an open and collaborative working environment. Our employee wellbeing strategy is our insurance for employee welfare and includes – 

  • A fully accessible wellbeing programme;
  • Proactively gathering feedback;
  • Daily contact with Team Leaders and the wider Management team.


The Arema Teams Four Top Tips for Adopting a Hybrid Working Model

  The Arema Teams Four Top Tips for Adopting a Hybrid Working Model

  1. Consistency is key – Choose the day(s) you will attend the office and the days you will work remotely and keep them the same each week;
  2. Plan your week – Plan your activities based on the environment you are working in and how you work in each environment, i.e. Plan face-to-face meetings for when you are in the office;
  3. Schedule your breaks – Take the same breaks as often as you possibly can. It is crucial to have consistency throughout the change of your working environment;
  4. Catch up with colleagues – It is important to keep in touch with those that you interact with daily for work. Not only in a professional manner – catch up on what has been going on in their personal lives.


Over the last 18 months, we have invested heavily in our telecommunications and technologies to give the Arema Team the opportunity to carry out their roles seamlessly from home. Our Team Leaders and Management team are continuously coming up with new ways to streamline communications and ways of working remotely. Hybrid working has been welcomed by many team members as it strikes the right balance between the benefits of remote working such as avoiding the morning traffic and catching up with the team on face to face basis.


For organisations and employees that are still utilising a remote environment head over to The Arema Teams Top Tips for Remote Working for some tips and tricks for seamless remote working.