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When was the last time you purchased a product or service online? A minute ago? An hour ago? Yesterday? Not too long ago, I am sure. This alone will highlight to you how crucial it is to have an ecommerce presence to optimise your offerings and broaden your brand.


Ecommerce and its importance have skyrocketed in recent years and during the Covid-19 pandemic, ecommerce has been the main sales channel for most organisations. Implementing premium ecommerce customer support is vital when enhancing your brand’s online presence. When executed correctly it can get your message out, increase your reach, and provide you and your brand with endless opportunities. 


While ecommerce is everywhere nowadays, it is imperative that you support your customers during the buying process. A positive buying experience will result in repeat business, loyal customers and most importantly the most cost-effective way to get referrals and increase your sales revenue organically.


Setting up and managing an ecommerce customer support strategy can seem daunting at first, but outsourcing this process is a straightforward and stress-free way to implement seamless high-quality support. Choosing the correct outsourcing partner that marries your company ethos is vital.


If you are considering outsourcing, it must be a medium to long term strategy as the chosen partner must buy into all aspects of your business. The partner must know and understand the entire customer journey from product knowledge, logistics, and after-sales support. Of course, adding value is hugely important such as spotting trends, proactive feedback and experience in supporting similar operations.      


How does outsourcing ecommerce customer support work?

Outsourcing your ecommerce customer support is an efficient way to ensure that your business is functioning to the best of its ability. The ideal scenario is to have a dedicated team that are brand ambassadors and work as an extension of your team. The practical side is that this team handles your brand’s incoming transactions which can include calls, emails and live chats. 

Every organisation is unique and the outsourcing requirements vary from 24 by 7 support all year round, multilingual support, sales channels required and the international markets covered.


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