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Electronic Commerce, better known as ecommerce is any form of business transaction that is completed via the internet. Ecommerce is generally the buying and selling of goods and services online through electronic devices.


In today’s world technology is an integral part of most of our lives and plays a pivotal role in supporting the end to end customer journey. Ecommerce is a rapidly expanding industry that is growing by the millisecond. While ecommerce comes with endless benefits there are also areas which need to be addressed such as human reaction and interaction become somewhat altered and sometimes removed via ecommerce activities. To counteract the loss of human touch, 24 by 7 ecommerce customer support is essential for customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Ecommerce customer support is the strategy that provides support services to consumers shopping through online stores. Providing your customers with reliable high quality customer support allows you to reap the rewards of having more loyal customers, in return giving you better conversion rates. With the online world more competitive than ever it is vital for all organisations with an online presence to have reliable and suitable ecommerce customer support in place on a 24 by 7 by 365 basis as the online world never sleeps.


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Online customer support is fundamentally different from brick and mortar customer support, retailers must approach both with different strategies. However, the varying approaches required are sometimes overlooked when implementing an online strategy. When human interaction is removed from transactions, visual clues can no longer be the factor used to identify a customer’s mood, desire or needs. Context has to come in the form of data, which can be used to provide better experiences.


Customer Experience (CX) is a vital aspect in gaining and retaining customers. Implementing a strategy that is specific to ecommerce customer support is crucial to gain an unbeatable CX for your customers. Head over to The benefits of a top-class Customer Experience (CX) to delve further into the reasons why providing your customers with an unforgettable experience is more important than ever.


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