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It’s that time of year again, where the Christmas rush starts to begin and it commenced last week with Black Friday marking the official start of the Christmas period. eCommerce sales are likely to be dominated by online Christmas shopping this year. With the closure of retail outlets due to Covid19, consumers have had to move to online shopping to source the perfect gift for their loved ones. As a result there is tremendous pressure on retailers to keep up with this accelerated demand, and the new way of working with Covid19 restrictions and policies always in the background. Christmas can be an equally stressful time for consumers. From trying to untangle the dreaded Christmas lights, to put up the tree, to sourcing the Turkey and Ham, the pressure is on.  

So how can we put customers at ease this Christmas? 

Providing exceptional customer service is just one of the ways that we can support customers to ensure that 2020 ends on a much more positive note! With consumers now relying on online platforms for Christmas shopping, online factors such as user experience, online customer support and after sales support will now play a greater role in the customer journey. Arema Connect is there every step of the way to ensure a complete and orderly customer journey. Our support functions include:  

Answering General FAQs 

From answering queries related to product descriptions, stock information, and return and refund processes, our customer service representatives have an extensive knowledge of every aspect of the customer journey. This ensures that customers can remain informed and updated throughout the entire process. 

Logistical Queries

At Christmas, customers are eager to know their delivery and shipping information and when exactly their package is due to arrive. Our customer service representatives are on hand at all times to manage all queries related to transportation, shipment and distribution. They act as the ‘middleman’ between the customer and the warehouse, and the courier and the warehouse. Being “the middleman” between shoppers and their gifts is one of the most important functions of the in-house support team during the Christmas period. An agent can access the exact whereabouts of the parcel in real-time and update the customer with a more accurate estimated delivery time

Management of Delivery Disputes

It isn’t all smooth sailing during busy periods like Christmas. The increased pressure on eCommerce retailers to fulfil orders means that there is likely to be bumps along the way when it comes to the journey of a customer’s gift. In cases where packages are lost, missing or damaged, rest assured that the in-house customer support teams will do everything in their power to investigate the issue. Acting as the ‘middleman’ they will liaise with all relevant parties involved in the process to resolve the issue and provide the customer with a solution that ensures they are satisfied. 

The frontline support team can play a vital role in helping a gift to find its home. At Arema Connect our team places an emphasis on removing the stress for customers to ensure their Christmas is more ho, ho, ho and less no, no, no. Solving customers’ logistical issues around the festive season means acting fast and communicating with empathy as customers are likely to be feeling the stress of finding gifts for their loved ones. Our team focuses on updating the customer in real time, and places a huge importance on case ownership to ensure that the customer is dealing with one person throughout their interactions with our clients’ brands. We like to consider our frontline team like Santa’s little helpers, saving Christmas! 

Want to find out more? Our whitepaper ‘Why preparing for the holidays can often be an online retailers biggest headache – and how to make sure you’re on the front foot for the busiest time of the year’ can be downloaded here.

About Rachel Caulfield I have studied marketing for 4 years in Munster Technological University. As part of my undergraduate degree I was lucky enough to receive an internship in Arema Connect. I was given the opportunity to work as an intern in the marketing team to get a greater understanding of marketing in a business to business setting. This gave me an invaluable experience and I got to put the knowledge that I acquired from my degree into practice. From creating content on social media, to writing blogs, I am passionate about all things marketing. In November 2020 I graduated with a first class honours in my Bachelors degree of marketing. I am now pursuing a Masters in Food Business and Innovation to further develop my skill set.