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People love shopping online. It’s no surprise that 20% of Irish consumers shop online weekly or more often via their mobile devices. The variety, the availability and the convenience of shopping anywhere and at any time is what makes online shopping so appealing. Not to mention the thrill of seeing the courier finally arrive with a shiny new package! As more consumers move to online shopping, the importance of eCommerce customer service grows. Providing an exceptional customer experience is just one of the few ways online retailers can stand out from the clutter in an already saturated market. Customers who don’t get the service they desire can simply move onto another online retailer as it’s only a click away. While some online retailers can manage this effectively in-house, it’s sometimes not suitable for all organisations. So when is it the right time to outsource eCommerce customer support? 

Here are a few signs that indicate that outsourcing to a contact centre might be beneficial in supporting your customers. 

Increase in Volumes

It can become extremely difficult to manage multiple tickets when there are a large volume of customer queries coming in. Understandably, increased sales around Black Friday and the Christmas period will cause a surge in customer queries. However, if you find yourself constantly dealing with an influx of tickets, then something about your eCommerce Customer Support needs to change.  

So how can a contact centre support you? 

Contact centres usually have a better level of flexibility and scalability combined with the appropriate technologies to help online retailers manage these peaks in demand. Arema Connect can provide you with a dedicated team of Customer Service Representatives. When footfalls and clicks dramatically increase, Arema Connect has the capability to ramp up accordingly to support the surge in volumes. We also tailor our services to meet client requirements and utilise or integrate with your preferred Customer Relationship Management system.  

International Market Reach

For a great customer experience, it’s paramount that you are serving customers in their native language as this is essentially what adds value to the customer’s journey. It also increases brand loyalty because customers know that there will be someone there to understand them. Think about it. Imagine you’ve bought a brand new pair of headphones but upon receiving them you find out they aren’t working correctly. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to solve the problem in a language familiar to you? 

Arema Connect provides multilingual customer support. This ensures a harmonious experience for our clients’ customers around the globe. Our team includes French, Irish, German and Spanish speakers. Our multilingual customer service representatives help make seamless communication possible for more of our clients’ customers and guarantee their concerns or questions are understood and addressed.

Time Constraints

eCommerce customer support can be complicated. It requires investment of time and dedication to ensure that your customers are looked after. If you feel like Customer Service is taking away a significant amount of your time then consider outsourcing your eCommerce customer support as this can take a huge weight off your shoulders. This means that there’s one less thing for your business to worry about and your time can be better allocated towards improving one of your other core business operations. 

An outsourced eCommerce customer support team spends their days on one thing and one thing only and that is eCommerce. This means that they are experts in what they do and will have the know how to take your business to the next level. 

At Arema Connect we provide 360 degree customer support pre during and post sale to ensure customer satisfaction. From organising parcel deliveries to processing payments, Arema Connect is there every step of the way to ensure a complete and orderly customer journey. 

If you find yourself facing the above problems then perhaps outsourcing to a contact centre will be a solution that will help overcome these challenges. Providing excellent customer service is one of the most important elements for building and improving your business and a dedicated customer service team can assist in achieving this.

About Rachel Caulfield – I have studied marketing for 4 years in Munster Technological University. As part of my undergraduate degree I was lucky enough to receive an internship in Arema Connect. I was given the opportunity to work as an intern in the marketing team to get a greater understanding of marketing in a business to business setting. This gave me an invaluable experience and I got to put the knowledge that I acquired from my degree into practice. From creating content on social media, to writing blogs, I am passionate about all things marketing. In November 2020 I graduated with a first class honours in my Bachelors degree of marketing. I am now pursuing a Masters in Food Business and Innovation to further develop my skill set.