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On the 6th of February, 2020 Arema Connect was handed the keys to our third office space in Blackpool, Cork. Construction got underway on the 10th of February and with March 9th came lights, camera action! We have been working tirelessly since to open our brand new office. 

The opening of an additional office space is to complement our expansion plans and global strategy for 2020. The third office will increase our agent capacity by 60% so short and medium term growth is future proofed. We are focusing our efforts on the domestic and international marketplace, with particular focus on the USA. 

Our new space was really starting to take shape prior to the pandemic and we were ready to move in with a normal office layout. Just when we were about to open our office, Leo Varadkar announced that lockdown was underway. We then had to change focus to remote working and give our staff the option of working from home. At present, we have the vast majority of our team working remotely and both offices open as we understand that remote working doesn’t suit everyone. 

We can’t wait to put the finishing touches on it and we are looking forward to opening our shiny new office post Covid19. Check out the short video below which shows our new office transformation!  


On the bright side, we will be able to welcome our team back to a new office space. We are very excited to celebrate with all of our staff and toast to a third office! 

Our new office space is just one of the positive takeaways from Covid19. We’ve also shared some other positive learnings which we’ve learned from the Covid19 experience so far. Have a read of our blog here:

About Rachel Caulfield – I have studied marketing for 4 years in Munster Technological University. As part of my undergraduate degree I was lucky enough to receive an internship in Arema Connect. I was given the opportunity to work as an intern in the marketing team to get a greater understanding of marketing in a business to business setting. This gave me an invaluable experience and I got to put the knowledge that I acquired from my degree into practice. From creating content on social media, to writing blogs, I am passionate about all things marketing. In November 2020 I graduated with a first class honours in my Bachelors degree of marketing. I am now pursuing a Masters in Food Business and Innovation to further develop my skill set.