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Here at Arema Connect, we decided to share some of the positives and key learnings which we have taken from the COVID 19 experience so far. 


Positives to take away from the COVID 19


Remote working in full swing – For many working from the office seems like a long distant memory, office desks have been abandoned and our kitchen tables are becoming our new work stations. Over 80% of our team are now working from home. We have become masters of multitasking, juggling kids and pets while continuing to manage our work obligations. However, on the plus side, we’re avoiding the morning hustle and bustle of traffic and working from the comfort of our pyjamas while staying safe.


Technology came to the rescue – Technology came to the rescue from both a personal and professional perspective. Zoom has become the go-to for communicating with the team and we are starting to use it for social events such as virtual quizzes. While technology will never replace human interaction, it has most definitely played a pivotal role in keeping us all connected during this difficult time. We have all transitioned to become digital nomads to help us live our “new” normal. On a daily basis, we have team meetings via Zoom to ensure we are staying connected with all of our remote workers and it’s great to see all the faces. 


Goodbye procrastination – It’s officially time to do things that we always put off. Our third office space in Blackpool had really started to take shape prior to the pandemic (see the video below) and we’re looking forward to putting the finishing touches on it post COVID 19 and welcoming our team back to this new space.  



With all of this free time after work and on the weekends, we finally have a chance to get around to the things that we typically keep on putting off. Fences are getting painted, gardens are being mowed and closets have been organised. The dog is getting much fitter and loving the attention. At the end of all of this, our to-do lists will be non-existent (hopefully!).  


Mother nature has been reborn – Over the last number of weeks mother nature has been given the chance to restore and recover. Air pollution from nitrogen dioxide has vastly reduced due to the decrease in the use of cars, trucks and buses. Some are prompting that “nature is sending us a clear sign”. Our Sustainability Program is currently on hold at Arema Connect but we can’t wait to relaunch it when we’re back in the office. 


Back to basics – The lockdown has made us return to a simpler way of life. We truly have gone back to basics. Spending time with family has become more frequent as our typically busier lifestyles are taking a back seat.


There’s always one more thing to learn  – With all of this free time we have started to try new things and become a lot more adventurous. Some of our team have been keeping us updated with their new free time pursuits which range from baking banana bread to trying yoga for the first time. There is most definitely always one more thing to learn! And we’re looking forward to reaping the rewards by having some top class bakers when we’re all back in the office. 


Applause for appreciation – When all of this passes we will once again appreciate the small things in life, whether it be going out for a cup of coffee, lunchtime chats with our colleagues or cheering on our local GAA or soccer team. As a nation, we will learn to appreciate the little things. We have gained a new appreciation for our frontline workers who continue to keep the show on the road during COVID 19. Hopefully, when all of this passes we will continue to applaud them for the vital work that they do, day in and day out. 


Bualadh Bos Fada for the Frontline Workers.


Community Spirit – In all of this, we have seen a huge sense of community throughout Ireland and the world. From the balconies of Italy to the streets of Dublin we have seen communities reconnecting. We have taken the time to get to know our neighbours, offer a helping hand where possible and regained the true understanding of community spirit. Random acts of kindness have become more frequent and with this humanity has learnt to be more kind. 


The Arema Team's positives


We’ll end on a positive note with this quote, which is something that’s resonating with our team. 

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but building the new”Socrates 

Stay safe everyone.