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In 2020, Multilingual Support is more sought after than ever by businesses. Here, at Arema Connect it is an essential element of our business operations to support our clients and their customers from around the globe. 

Multilingual support has many associated benefits which include:

  • A Multilingual service gives organisations a competitive edge by supporting customers in their preferred language.
  • Consumers expect to be able to communicate in their own language. This leads to strengthened relationships which enhances customer loyalty and brand recognition.
  • Compliments a brand’s global strategy and facilitates more markets being served.
  • Multilingual customer support is becoming the norm and is a lot more cost effective now with the recent developments in technology.


Multilingual services at Arema Connect


Here are some of our top tips when implementing Multilingual Support –


1. Determining the languages of support

Determining the languages of support suitable for your customers is essential.  Select languages that aid expansion and tie into your global strategy (if you have one). The key is to meet the demand of cultural and geographical differences within your audience. Arema Connect can help you with this process and you can add language support as the need arises.


2. Use of translation platforms

Artificial Technologies enable automatic translations to be easily secured. Such services are huge driving forces behind globalisation/Internationalisation of business operations.  At Arema Connect, we use Unbabel when using Zendesk to support partnerships with multinational clients. Unbabel is an Artificial Intelligence-powered translation platform, enabling seamless language translations instantly.


3. Multilingual FAQs

Providing multilingual Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can help your customers to find answers to questions in their preferred language. Providing Multilingual FAQs can enhance your Customers’ Experience (CX) with your brand and in turn, resolve more general queries.


4. Implementing Chatbots

When providing multilingual support it is crucial to optimise real-time responses. Quick service is almost essential to customers no matter what their native language is. Chatbots stimulate conversation with customers while increasing their engagement rate with instant response times. A chatbot is an application used to conduct an online conversation via text, customized to support queries in any language. 


At Arema Connect we have been providing Multilingual Support since 2014. We now offer English, Irish, German, French and Spanish support to our clients. Many of our multinational clients have partnered with us for our ability to provide multilingual agent support around the clock.

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