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A change of outsourcing partner can bring with it the fear of a service disruption to the client’s customers. Our company has 18 years of experience in developing and implementing 24 by 7 CRM solutions on behalf of our clients, we ensure that service levels are not affected during the change-over period. If you are thinking about changing contact centre suppliers, then check these questions to minimize the risk of doing so.


How to minimise the risk of changing contact centre suppliers?



1. Supplier risk – do we share the same values?

When engaging in a strategic partnership, or choosing any supplier, there is always a risk that the company may not dependable or may have a different work culture (be reactive rather than proactive). You should visit your new supplier’s office and look around. Learn about their employees and their brand values.  


2. Quality – when outsourcing, how can you be sure of the quality of service offered to your customer?

Arema Connect is constantly focused on Quality, through each and every transaction we undertake. All of our staff are carefully appointed, and your team in particular has been cherry-picked for you, based on their past roles and experiences they can offer successful implementation of this solution. In addition to that, we will be conducting thorough training, with agent assessments being carried out along the way. Once the contract is initiated, we will be conducting Quality Monitoring Appraisals on a weekly basis, with a significantly higher percentage in the initial weeks. We will use the knowledge gained from these to provide constructive feedback to the team, and we continuously strive to add greater value to the service we provide.  



3. Intellectual property rights, GDPR and IT – how can you ensure that your data is secure?

Arema Connect is registered with the Data Protection Commissioner in Ireland, and we take our responsibilities in terms of Data Privacy extremely seriously. Additionally, we have ample firewalls, backup servers and anti-virus software in place, along with nightly Backups being taken, to ensure the security of the data we possess. We are meeting all GDPR requirements since before May 25th 2018.  


4. People – how can you be sure of the calibre of staff assigned to your contract?

The number and Your dedicated Key Account Manager will carefully assess the skills and competencies required by your team members. Our proposed management team has a collective 50 years experience in Customer Service delivery with Arema Connect. You Key Account Manager will analyse past customer contact volumes across each channel (if available) & use this analysis to predict contact volumes. This will enable our team to allocate the required number of human resources to meet this demand. We use existing team members for the fulfillment of any new project as part of the core team. We then recruit new agents and allocated to other existing contracts, with less complex requirements. For example, one of our seasonal clients has a requirement to scale from a shared agent support platform to 30 dedicated agents during November & December each year. This entails 4 months of careful planning, scheduling, recruiting, training, monitoring and feedback.  


Changing contact centre suppliers can be an easy or challenging process depending on your relationship with your current supplier and the number of services / team members within the contract. But, if you have already taken the decision of looking at other options, we will be delighted to provide you with a detailed quotation for your requirements. Request a call back from our Managing Director.