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Customer Support Team

If you have an in-house Customer Support Team, you may still benefit from having a contact centre partner to help you to manage the increase of volume or expand your business hours. In this blog, we describe how existing and potential companies with an in-house call centre can benefit from an outsourcing contact centre partner.


Overflow Contact Centre

Seasonality and unexpected spike on call volumes may pose on the risk the service level provided to your clients. But it is paramount to find the right balance between the service provided and financial benefit. While recruiting new agents to manage the increase of call volumes is probably the best approach, if projections are not accurate then you can be paying agents to be just on idle. A proven workaround is the development of a strong partnership with an external contact centre using an overflow approach. Your call centre system can be set in a fashion that if all your customer support team is busy, then the call gets diverted to your outsourced contact centre agents. In fact, they provide just overflow support and you will pay for the calls answered by the overflow contact centre. You benefit of economy of scale while still maintaining your customer service level.

The level of integration between your in-house customer support team and your outsourced overflow contact centre can vary according to your own requirements. For instance, you can decide the outsourcer provider to just support FAQs (Frequent Asked Questions) or provide full training to their agents and provide a homogeneous experience. At Arema Connect, we support a number of clients that use our shared agents as their overflow contact centre team. However, we have developed strong relationships with them and when additional call volumes are expected (e.g. Christmas or promotional campaigns), a dedicated customer support team is composed to support the overflow call volume. Similarly, we deliver e-mail customer support service on their behalf when required.

5 Benefits of having an overflow call centre for your team

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After-hours contact centre

Customers, more than ever, require now customer support on a 24 hours basis. While it may not be economically feasible to recruit and have someone on call after-hours, there are multiple benefits of having a contact centre representative available day and night. Different sectors use our after-hours contact centre customer support team with different objectives. For example, property management companies employ us as their emergency phone line or e-commerce platforms use our agents to answer FAQs and increase international sales.

Setting up your after-hours customer support team is extremely easy. Your in-house call centre can diver your phone line to our call centre line when your office is closed. Your phone number will be diverted back to you as soon as your team starts working the following day. After-hours contact centre services can be extended to weekends, allowing your customers to reach the customer support team at any time, any day.

E-commerce Managers: Here are 3 reasons why you should have an afterhours call centre

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Specific Campaigns

Lastly, you may decide to outsource specific campaigns. This can avoid disruption within your in-house contact centre while also using other departments budget. Few of our clients use our services to support other business areas such as sales, marketing, finance and human resources.

  • Sales Support

Every now and then, you may need support in your sales campaigns. Your requirements may increase during peak times of your sales calendar (e.g. Christmas or Sales). Contact centres can provide you with a large range of support to meet these needs. See our blog ‘How can a Contact Centre help your Sales Team?’ for more information!


  • Marketing Support

Marketing requirements no only support sales but also promote your company brand and values. A number of marketing activities can require the support of a contact centre team to make calls, answer emails or just support your project management team. 


  • Finance Support

Every now and then, your finance department may need a helping hand to reach clients or suppliers. A contact centre can support your team by doing outbound activities or just data input activities. By outsourcing these basic and time-consuming administrative tasks, your team can focus on the core tasks and support your business growth. Check the blog ‘How can a Contact Centre help your Finance Department? for additional information!


  • Human Resources Support

A Customer Support team can help your Human Resources team all year around! From recruitment campaigns to Employee Satisfaction Surveys… depending on your requirements, a contact centre can provide you with the right solution. Learn more in our blog: How can a Contact Centre help your Human Resources Team?


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