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How emotional connections can affect the world of retail? Today, retailers have to take a different approach to reaching and keeping their customers. In this case, if you want to survive in this big ocean, the key to success is to establish strong emotional connections with your customers.

It’s been scientifically proven that in a marketing context, emotions underlie all decision-making. Society has long believed that our decisions were always the results of rational processes, but that’s not true. People make buying decisions unconsciously, based on reactions driven by emotions.

With that knowledge, you can create marketing experiences that truly resonate.

When everyone is browsing online, there are some things that capture our attention more than the others. That’s because there’s something about the first impression we have about products. Something about the design (the colors, the copy, the images) that just speaks to us. So, how to guide your customers through your funnel? How emotional connections motivate customers to return?

Let’s look at some of the elements that can create these emotional connections.

Create an emotionally relevant copy

It is important to keep your messaging aligned and consistent. Your copy needs to resonate with your ideal customer throughout your marketing. Together with the visual elements of design, emotionally relevant copy sends the message directly to customers emotions. So, what does emotionally relevant copy look like?

Instead of creating a copy that just to shows your tangible offers (products), you should focus on intangible things, such as your story, trust and honesty. It’s these intangible offerings that can play a big role in emotional marketing messaging. Think about storytelling techniques. Storytelling is the process used in communication to use fact and narrative to communicate something to an audience. Using this technique, you will engage more of your customers. Stories make us human, and the same goes for brands. When brands get transparent and authentic, it brings them down-to-earth and helps consumers connect with them and the people behind them.

Adopt a simple and clear design

Visitors are accustomed to a standard website design – how to navigate the site, where buttons should be, where to find more information such as the contact us page. These mental models allow visitors to interact with a website’s pages intuitively. Scrolling and clicking without interruption. After all, it’s not about the design, it’s about the visitor and their experience.

Product filters, search bars, promotions. So, if you don’t make it easy for your visitor, you won’t be able to retain their attention.

On the contrary, you should focus on optimizing your experience so that it is super easy for your visitors to actually use.

Make the experience memorable

This is a very important point. Therefore, our suggestion is to create a customizable website. Find out what makes it delightful for your visitors to use your site. These types of interactions allow visitors to follow their curiosity and go deeper into the experience. For example, gamification, personality quizzes, interactive sliders could possibly lead to interesting customer insights. And the more creative and engaging your experience is, the more it will establish emotional connections with customers.

Anyway, creating a memorable experience is the right way to get your customers to return. By adopting this approach, you will establish a long-term relationship with your customers: that means not just single-time visits.

Nowadays, many businesses have already changed their way to relate with their customers. In addition, this approach can improve engagement with them, increase sales opportunities and increase value.

About Annalisa

I am a Communications graduate working as an intern at Arema Connect in a European placement. I have a background in Communications Sciences and foreign languages from the University of Calabria and I have worked in a vast range of different tasks within Communications departments, press and media. At Arema Connect I am supporting the Marketing department. After the completion of this period, I would like to travel to different countries and gain experience in the Communication field.